March 17, 2016 Last Updated 2:19 pm

IDG unveils corporate branding campaign, designed to move tech media company from a ‘house of brands to a branded house’

Global branding initiative comes after the company hired Josh London last year, IDG’s first chief marketing officer in its 50 year history

The technology media company IDG, today unveiled a first-ever companywide branding initiative, designed to present a unified message to global marketers about the company’s brands such as CIO, Computerworld, Macworld and PCWorld. The effort’s tagline is “Insights, Intent & Engagement” and involves both internal and external marketing initiatives.

IDG-logos“IDG has historically been known for our market leading properties – CIO, Computerworld, Network World, PC World, Macworld – but less so for the breadth and depth of what we offer as a whole,” Josh London, chief marketing officer at IDG told TNM in an interview. “We have found that when audiences and marketers are aware of all that we do, the tend to engage much more deeply across our properties and across the world.”

Like many consumer magazine companies that are moving to create large digital audiences for such segments as millennial women in order to attract new digital ad dollars, IDG is looking to be able to present its global reach for its technology audience. The company is already 100 percent digital in the US and has one of the first ad networks for tech advertising.

London, who joined IDG last year in February as the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer, told TNM that the campaign will involve digital, social, out of home, events and international print, with goal of moving marketers from making a brand buy to an audience buy.

Josh London IDG

“The reason that both this position was created, and this initiative, are to move from a house of brands to a branded house,” London said.

“The world is increasingly becoming borderless and it goes from an owned and operated to a network model to an exchange based model, and what we do uniquely is we are able to find the best buyers at the most optimal time.”

“Our secondary goal, also a very important one, is to attract and retain the best talent. It’s a competitive industry and we want to make sure that the best and brightest continue to work for IDG,” London said.

And so today employees at IDG will find that the company is distributing elements of the branding campaign to them, including brand boxes and posters.


Pat McGovern founded International Data Corporation (now an IDG subsidiary) in 1964. In 1967, McGovern launched Computerworld as a weekly print publication. Two years ago McGovern died at the age 76 and the ownership of the company transferred to the McGovern Estate for the benefit of the McGovern Foundation. In January the company said it would explore a sale, though it is possible that another scenario could emerge such a management buyout or an investment by an outside firm

“As we’ve announced to IDG employees, in response to certain operating requirements of the Foundation, IDG’s Board of Directors has retained Goldman Sachs to map out the company’s strategic options moving forward. Our goal is to determine the optimal future balance between what’s best for IDG and Pat McGovern’s mission for the Foundation,” the company said in a statement.

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