March 15, 2016 Last Updated 3:05 pm

DISH threatens black out of NBCUniversal channels, NBCUniversal owner Comcast fires back with ads, DISH sues

Meanwhile, TV viewers continue to migrate to cable cutting devices in hopes of one day being free from the whole bloody system

These battles between cable or satellite companies and broadcasters are tiresome. Every couple of months a television system begins to complain about what a broadcaster wants from the other to retransmit its content. Often it is the broadcaster who starts to whine in public about the cable company “blacking out” their channels. “Don’t let big bad cable company take our Hone Sewing Network away from you! Write a letter today!”

But this battle between DISH and NBCUbniversal is particularly bad because if you are a Comcast customer you have been seeing house ads blasting DISH for not coming to an agreement with NBCUniversal. And who owns NBCUniveral? Comcast, of course.

The first time I saw the ads I wondered why I was seeing them. After all, I’m a Comcast customer not a DISH customer. But Comcast was doing what it normally does, which is to fill its local ad slots with whatever it can, which is why I am so, so tired of ads for GE. I’ve vowed to never buy another product from that company.

“We are disappointed that Dish would deny its subscribers access to valuable programming on NBC, Telemundo, USA, Syfy, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC and more,” the network said in the usual statement.

These things get really ugly, then they get settled. And your cable bill goes up.

The television networks and cable/satellite companies are running fast toward oblivion. Bye bye.

The latest announcement:

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – March 15, 2016 — DISH issued the following statement regarding current distribution renewal negotiations with NBCUniversal.

“NBC’s public statements against DISH over the past 24 hours are in violation of the contract between the two companies. Today, DISH filed a breach of contract lawsuit against NBC to address those violations.

“DISH has successfully negotiated agreements representing numerous networks in recent months that benefit all parties, including our viewers. DISH’s goal is to reach a mutually beneficial deal with NBC.

“However, based on NBCU’s actions to date, DISH currently expects to file for arbitration, which would prevent NBC from blacking out DISH customers.

“Under the conditions imposed by the FCC and Department of Justice in approving the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger, NBC is forbidden from blacking out its networks if a pay-TV provider chooses, in its sole discretion, to exercise its right for binding arbitration. Regulators implemented these conditions to prevent Comcast and NBC from harming consumers and competition.

“In the event of arbitration, affected programming would remain available during that process, and for the foreseeable future.”

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