March 10, 2016 Last Updated 12:02 pm

Apple sends out March 21 invites to the loyal tech press corp

The usual select group of tech press reporters, who can be relied on to be loyal to Applem were sent out invites for the next event, to be held March 21. As rumored, the event will be held at the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters, rather than the more spacious Moscone Center in San Francisco, usually reserved for the big September iPhone events.

watch-bands-300The March 21 event is expected to revolve around the introduction of a smaller iPhone, designed to jump start the company’s somewhat lagging smartphone sales. (They were essentially flat last quarter, but the company did sell nearly 75 million iPhones over the holiday season, which is not too shabby.)

Apple is also expected to update its iPad line-up with a new 9.7-inch model that is said will be called an iPad Pro, if only to hide the fact that Apple has run out of ideas on how to jump start sales (since actually adding storage and more features is clearly out of the question).

The event is said to also feature the introduction of new Apple Watch bands which will surely have the tech reporters oohing and ahhing in their live blogging reports. Can’t wait.

Apple will live stream the event over the web as well as through its Apple TV app.

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