March 8, 2016 Last Updated 3:24 pm

Apple updates iTunes Producer app to support multiple accounts

It has been a while since I’ve uploaded a new eBook to Apple for the iBooks Store, so I haven’t used their iTunes Producer solution lately. But today Apple released an update bring their app up to version 3.1.1.

As you can read above, the update adds support for multi-le provider account, as well as fixes some bugs.


What does that mean?

iTunesPro-800I assume that it means that when you power up iTunes Producer the account at the upper left hand side of the app may, if you have multiple accounts let you pick which account to use.

I signed into the Apple developer account and signed the form necessary for me to publish free eBooks with Apple. TNM Digital Media already had a paid books account – so that makes two.

Sure enough, after updating iTunes Producer, both accounts showed up in the app. Great. Now I have to not mistakenly use the wrong account the next time I publish a book, right?

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