March 7, 2016 Last Updated 10:31 am

New York Times reportedly begins experimenting with messages for ad blocker users

The newspaper publisher said early on that they ‘oppose ad blocking’ but has been searching for a technical solution, while also maintaining its metered paywall

The New York Times is said to have begun experimenting with sending messages to web readers who are reading the newspaper’s website while using an ad blocker. I have not been able to reproduce the messages to confirm.

NYT-sub-messageAdWeek reported development first and several other reports that followed seemed to be written off their report without adding any screenshots.

“The best things aren’t free,” the NYT’s message is said to read. “You currently have an ad blocker installed. Advertising helps us fund our journalism. To continue to enjoy the Times, please support us in one of the following ways.”

As mentioned in the lede, I was not able to confirm the use of an ad blocker message, trying several browsers. What did appear was the usual metered paywall message warning the reader that they are limited to ten articles a month (as seen above). (See update below.)

“We oppose ad blocking,” Mark Thompson, New York Times Co. Chief Executive, said last fall. “The creation of quality news content is expensive and digital advertising is an important way in which we and other high-quality news providers fund operations.”

The paper said last fall that they preferred to find a technical solution to the problem, though most papers that have launched a solution have chosen simply prevent the reader from accessing the desired story through a pop-up message, generally leading to the reader leaving the site. The goal is to make the reader whitelist the website – that is, add the site to the list of sites where the ad blocker would be disabled.

Note: If anyone encounters one of these messages on the NYT website please pass along a screenshot.

Update: Thanks for coming through, readers. Here is a screenshot from another source:

New York Times ad block message

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