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British Journal of Photography unveils redesign, expanding page run and upgrading paper stock

London, UK – March 2, 2016 — The world’s longest running photography publication relaunches on 02 March with a new look and expanded editorial sections run across 50 percent extra pages.

BJP mgazineAt a time when British Journal of Photography is read by more people in more places than ever before, reaching 650,000+ followers on social media, we are investing further in our 162-year-old print magazine, giving it a thorough refresh to ensure it remains the world’s most authoritative and cutting-edge publication devoted to the art and commerce of contemporary photography.

The new-look magazine has been redesigned front-to-back to give more space to arresting images and in-depth analysis of the contemporary photography scene. In addition to expanding the page run, we have introduced a heavyweight premium cover stock, alongside three different high-quality papers inside, and bold new typography that reflects the visual sophistication of the global creative community we serve.


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Since our last major redesign six years ago, which saw BJP switch from its 150-year-old weekly format back to the monthly edition it began with in 1854, the magazine has launched award-winning iPad and iPhone editions,
collected the title of Photography Magazine of the Year at the Lucies (the Oscars of the photography world), and three years ago became an independent publisher following a management buyout. “In that time there’s been a massive revival of interest in print, led by an army of small independent publishers with uncompromising standards and the shared belief that the coming together of provocative photography, sharp design and intelligent wordcraft should be an artform in its own right,” says editorial director Simon Bainbridge. “We share that passion. A magazine is much more than the sum of its glossy-wrapped parts; it should inspire, surprise, provoke and inform. We began our redesign with the objective of decluttering the pages and giving the photography space to be star billing. We also wanted to add a little change of pace to the different sections, which we’ve done with the layouts and use of four different paper stocks.

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“Since we began in 1854, British Journal of Photography has set the standard for photographic journalism, continuously redefining what we do to reflect changing trends and practices, and strive to better serve our loyal readership,” says editorial director Simon Bainbridge. “We will continue to search out work from the world’s leading photographers, championing the emerging generation and presenting them alongside established talent. But more than that, we aim to bring context and analysis to our award-winning formula, and deliver a magazine that informs, inspires and surprises.”

The first new-look issue, our April edition (out 2 March), is themed around science and technology. Alongside interviews with Michael Benson about his pioneering space imagery, we feature Daniel Stier’s work on the surreal world of scientific experiment, Reiner Riedler’s investigation into lifesaving medical machines, and Laura Morton’s photo essay on tech entrepreneurs in San Francisco Bay.

Our May issue is focused on commissioned photography, and June features the best from our annual worldwide talent call.

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