February 25, 2016 Last Updated 1:34 pm

With the Apple Newsstand gone, some PDF-based app publishing platforms will likely call it quits

Appzine Machine is latest to fold up shop, with its digital magazine users, mostly self-publishers, invited to move over to the Aquafadas digital publishing platform

The digital publishing platform Appzine Machine announced about ten days ago that it would be shutting down its service. Customers will be able to migrate to the Aquafadas digital publishing platform, and as of last week the Appzine platform retired.

“We’re proud that we have been able to help so many people build great magazine apps,” said Len Wright of Appzine Machine, “but Apple’s decision to shutdown the Apple Newsstand, coupled with the lack of capital and resources we needed to adapt to these changes ultimately has forced our hands to shut the company down.”


Appzine Machine was one of many new digital publishing platforms to spring up during the height of the Newsstand, and like many, the platform was based on creating PDFs that would be converted into a digital edition app. The platform allowed for enhancing PDF replicas with video and audio, but the platform was limited to publishing to the iPad though Apple’s Newsstand.

The company launched in time to be included in TNM’s Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms, and it will not be the first of the 68 solutions there to go out of business. In fact, the year before publishing the Guide as an eBook, a similar Guide was published in our single issue digital magazine app Tablet Publishing. That digital directory included 44 platforms, several of which folded with the year and were left out of the eBook version of the Guide including Better Press which at the time was the platform being used by the jazz magazine Downbeat (another was PRSS, the platform still used for the digital-only magazine TRVL, and whose founders soon moved to Apple).

Today, Aquafadas tweeted out that Appzine Machine users will be able to migrate their digital magazines over to their platform. The France-based platform, owned by Rakuten, which also owns the Toronto-based Kobo eBook service. Aquafadas estimates that there are over 100 digital magazines that can migrate over, but these are self-published digital magazines so it will be interesting to see if any actually move over. (TNM reached out to the company for comment but did not hear back.)

Appzine Machine has posted instructions as to how its users can manage the process of migrating their apps:

  1. You will receive a unique AQUAFADAS Voucher Code via email from us. Once you have this, visit http://cloudconnect.aquafadas.com and click the large green “Register or Login” button, which will bring up a popup window with two options. Choose the “Not Registered” option and fill out your account information. (As always, make sure you keep your login details somewhere safe so you can reference them later, should you forget your login credentials).
  2. After filling out your initial account details, you will be prompted to fill out part two of your account details. This is where you’ll enter your voucher code. Enter it into the “Reseller Code” field, answer all of the questions and click the green “Register Me” button.
  3. That’s it, you’re finished activating your account, and now AQUAFADAS will set you up and welcome you to their platform (Please allow up to 48 hours for this process to be completed).

Here is the video Appzine Machine posted to YouTube:

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