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MIT Media Lab, MIT Press launch new online open-access journal: Journal of Design and Science

New online publication uses PubPub publishing platform, created by researchers Travis Rich and Thariq Shihipar working in the Media Lab’s Viral Communications group

Cambridge, Mass. – February 24, 2016 — The MIT Media Lab and the MIT Press today announced the launch the Journal of Design and Science (JoDS). This online, open-access journal provides a new model for academic publishing by encouraging broad-ranging discourse that challenges traditional academic silos and publishing practices. It will be curated by a team led by MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito.

Unlike journals that operate within a formal peer-review system and rigid disciplinary framework, JoDS invites lively discussion across all fields of design and science, unconventional formats, and widespread participation, empowering authors to engage in ongoing discussion about their work with members of many different communities, both within and outside of their home disciplines. This rich, peer-to-peer approach to review provides for a much broader array of perspectives, new pathways forward, and emergent topics for further research.

This format is made possible by the new PubPub publishing platform, created by researchers Travis Rich and Thariq Shihipar working in the Media Lab’s Viral Communications group. PubPub provides rich commenting features and powerful, intuitive authoring tools. JoDS articles are authored directly within PubPub, which also enables easy integration of multimedia, images, and large data sets.

“JoDS is about both the design of science, and the science of design,” says Ito. “Like the Media Lab, we expect it to forge new eclectic and unpredictable connections. This is helped enormously by the PubPub platform, which allows for rapid publication with unprecedented opportunities for post-publication iterations based on the conversations the articles invite.”

“The collaboration between the Media Lab and the MIT Press on JoDS is a natural extension of the alignment between our visions for the future of scholarly communication and the importance of the conversation between scientists and designers.” says MIT Press Director Amy Brand.

In addition to online journal publication, future applications for the PubPub platform could include a new model for thesis submission, or a rich platform for ebook publishing.

The journal is now posting submissions and the first articles are available for viewing and comment at