February 24, 2016 Last Updated 1:34 pm

Time Inc. unveils new video sports initiatives, designed to drive new digital revenue

GOLF magazine debuts new weekly video show, GOLF LIVE, while Sports Illustrated will partner with ASN Ltd. to create sports broadcasting and digital network across Asia

There were a couple of interesting announcements from Time Inc. that might have gone unnoticed, seen simply as business as usual. One, yesterday, was that GOLF magazine will debuting a new weekly video show, GOLF LIVE. The other, today, is a partnership deal with ASN Ltd. to develop a Sports Illustrated sports broadcasting and digital network across Asia. Both moves highlight the seriousness of the publisher’s intention to start being able to record revenue and audience growth in 2016.

Golf Live Time Inc magazines

GOLF LIVE debut show with Phil Mickelson

But growth aside, I also think they are part of a recognition that publishing and broadcasting are beginning to merge in a serious way. The catalyst for this is the drive to build video assets in order to attract new digital advertising dollars being allocated to video.

Where Time Inc. goes with these will be interesting to watch – will the company move into actual channels, something Vice Media announced it would do at the end of last year? or are these digital media efforts going to limited to the web, as well as brand licensing deals? If they are they will likely show limited growth.

I know Apple would love to see publishers think about launching Apple TV channels now that it has opened an app store for their TV box top device. But publishers have been down that road before and Apple has not helped itself with the way it handled both the Newsstand and the Apple News app, so it is doubtful that only brave (or naive) digital publishers will be willing to trust the company going forward (this is something I warned about years ago and urged Apple to bring on an industry liaison person, something from the media world).

There will doubtlessly be plenty of other opportunities that will arise from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other tech giants as time goes on. Each of these companies recognize that good content drives audiences, and audiences drive device sales.

Here are the two Time Inc announcements:

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