February 23, 2016 Last Updated 3:27 pm

New and updated apps: Twitter launches its app monitor app Fabric for iOS and Android

Also: Inkling and YouTube iOS apps get bug fix updates, while the unique digital magazine app ‘Choices: And The Sun Went Out’ adds a new writer to the publishing team

The developer community could use a break. Few want to talk about just how bad things have gotten for fear of suffering the wrath of the giant fruit company, but when I’m sure they are pleased to see it when one of the big tech companies come up with a useful tool for them that might just make their lives a little easier.

Fabric iPhone appTwitter has done that with Fabric, and app just released for both iOS and Android.

“All apps crash, and crashes have a very real impact on adoption,” wrote Jeff Seibert, Senior Director of Product at Twitter last fall when Fabric was launched as a web app. “Because there are millions of apps to choose from, people overlook poorly-ranked apps when browsing the app stores. So figuring out why your app crashed, how many of your users are affected, what the conditions were and where to look is vital to the success of your app. But it can be a frustrating and complicated process.”

Fabric allows developers to monitor their apps on the go, get real-time alerts when something is wrong, and see the number of users effected.

Fabric iPhone screensThe app has already gotten tremendous user reviews inside the App Store and Google Play (with a few more complaints inside Google Play for some reason), so you know here is an app that doesn’t itself need a bug fix. (The iOS version is written in Swift, so that might account for this.)

I have never tested the app for the desktop, but early user reviews say the experience is about the same.

I’ve long been impressed with the iOS apps coming out of Google, and now it appears that Twitter is becoming an excellent iOS developer, as well. Let’s not talk about those other guys right now, I really think they are in a funk.

“When we started working on what would become Fabric over a year ago, our goal was to take what we learned from building Crashlytics, MoPub and Twitter itself, and apply those lessons to a host of issues all mobile app developers face. We’ve learned firsthand the challenges to building great mobile apps, and in talking to app developers like you, we’ve learned how pervasive these challenges are,” Seibert said last year. “Our mission is to build great developer products that help solve those challenges.”

A couple mobile apps commonly used by designers, developers and web managers were updated today, as well.

Adobe has updated the iOS version of Adobe Photoshop Fix for bugs.

comScore News has gotten an update for the same reason.

On the platform side of things…

The digital bookstore app from Inkling has updated for bug fixes.

Google has issued an update for the iOS version of YouTube which introduces native resolution for those with an iPad Pro and fixes two specific bugs (I love it when they actually mention what is being fixed), one involving a freezing keyboard when commenting, and the other for users still on iOS 7.

Digital publication apps…

The Times of London Daily Edition app has added some sharing options, and…

Fianlly, the unique app from Tin Man Games called Choices: And The Sun Went Out has been updated to the equally unique version number 1.0.4752. You can read the original TNM post on this one here.

What’s New in Version 1.0.4752

  • Fixes for various minor uncommon bugs.
  • New writer, Felicity Banks, winner of the 2015 Windhammer Prize for interactive fiction, has joined the team!

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