February 22, 2016 Last Updated 12:26 pm

Media app updates: Out of Chaos magazine adds iPhone support; Spotify adds videos and podcasts

There were a number of new media app updates released recently, here is a brief rundown of some of the important ones (don’t forget to pass along any news of new and updated media app to TNM here):

The Out Of Chaos Magazine iPhone appThe Out Of Chaos Magazine from Rods and Cones was updated late last week to add iPhone support and to fix a few bugs. The app uses the Twixl digital publishing platform.

At the time of digital quarterly magazine I wrote that I was eager to see what they could do with a smartphone version, especially since the tablet version was designed in landscape.

“The well-designed articles contain quite a bit of animation and other digital elements,” I wrote last fall. “=The editor’s column, for instance, has very appropriate survey form that asks readers if they read magazines on their smartphones – I’d certainly be interested in the results, as well as the number of readers who submit answers.”

Well, now they have produced a smartphone version, and despite still being in landscape I think it works quite nicely.

Other publishing updates:

The Economist for iPad: Bug fixes and performance improvements.

La Presse+: Améliorations mineures, which means minor bug fixes, of course.

The New York Times – iPhone and iPad apps: “Now you can save any story to your Saved for Later reading list. We fixed the bug that prevented some interactive stories from being saved.”

Media apps:

Amazon Video: Push notifications (finally) added, along with some bug fixes.

CBS News: “Bug fixes for CBSN live experience.”

ESPN: Interface changes, along with some bug fixes.

Spotify Music: Here is an interesting one, Spotify is adding videos:

What’s New in Version 5.0.0
New: It’s showtime! Spotify now features videos and podcasts to add to your music mix. Tap Shows in Browse to explore comedy, news, documentaries and more. (Currently available in US, UK, Germany and Sweden.)

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