February 18, 2016 Last Updated 8:08 am

News America Marketing and Linkable Networks announce partnership deal

Partnership will allow the News Corp-owned marketing division to expand the reach of its FSI offerings through card-linked-offers

The one thing that differentiates the News Corp spin off its its newspapers from broadcast and film was that the new News Corp is still a diversified company. Unlike the Gannett or Tribune Publishing spin offs, the new News Corp contains more than just newspapers, it has HarperCollins Publishers, for instance – and recently added Move, the leading provider of online real estate services.

LN-flagAnother division is News America Marketing, the publisher of coupons in the US and Canada. NAM publishes SmartSource Magazine, which has a weekly circulation of 74 million. (NAM also is a leader in in-store advertising solutions, as well.)

Today, NAM and Linkable Networks announced a partnership designed to expand the reach of the company’s offerings to specialty retailers and brands.

We offer retailers and brands the choice of a self-service or fully-integrated SaaS-based platform leveraging the ubiquitous reach of the more than 180 million credit and debit cardholders in the U.S. by directly saving, or linking, offers and coupons to a consumer’s card account.

You can see why adding this ability would be attractive for NAM. It is one thing to go after new digital advertising when the audience exists, but it is important to be able to translate ads into sales, and be able to track the results. Traditional media companies have been moving aggressively to pump up and improve their sales tracking capabilities, to provide their clients with more than simply page view reports, or circulation audits.

Here is the announcement from News America Marketing and Linkable Networks:

Boston, MA and New York, NY– News America Marketing (NAM) and Linkable Networks today announced a partnership that will deliver card-based savings opportunities to millions of price-sensitive consumers across the country via SmartSource Magazine and SmartSource.com.

NAM-PR-Graphics-406By harnessing the promotional power of the SmartSource brand name, specialty retailers and brands will now be able to access upwards of 70 million households to offer savings that can easily be redeemed in stores using Linkable Network’s payment card-based savings technology.

“News America Marketing’s objective in this partnership with Linkable Networks is to expand the value of SmartSource beyond CPGs to allow consumers to access more incentives and save money on a variety of additional retail categories, products and services,” said Marty Garofalo, CEO, News America Marketing.  “Additionally, specialty retailers and brands will gain access to a whole new audience through the FSI, a favorite consumer source of savings for decades and one that remains relevant to today’s millennial shopper.”

Through Linkable’s Card Linked Offers, consumers simply link promotions to any payment card to get savings without using either promotion codes or coupons. By linking these offers directly to their payments cards, consumers are credited after the purchase is made. The process is exceptionally secure as the offers are valid for only single-time use, feature anti-stacking technology and retailers have the ability to control redemption levels. Additionally, the entire path to purchase is traceable, with comprehensive site-to-store attribution.

“Expanding the influence and overall reach of the FSI through card-linked-offers provides specialty retailers, department stores and other merchants with a powerful new way to grow sales,” said Jeff Jensen, EVP and General Manger, Linkable Networks. “This partnership creates a terrific opportunity for retailers to reach the digitally-minded consumer, particularly millennials, and engage them through a platform with proven success. And with the addition of Linkable’s Shopper Attribution Platform, we can turn the reach of the FSI into a performance-based ad network for retailers.”

This partnership goes into effect immediately.

Source: Linkable Networks

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