February 18, 2016 Last Updated 10:32 am

Newly launched website asks you to ‘tell your friend he stinks’

This website gets plenty of press releases, as you can imagine. Most are for new game apps, I think something slipped TNM onto a media list somewhere, listing the site as a tech site. No harm.

But most releases get a quick look then I move on.

But this one certainly got my attention, so I had to check it out. Did someone actually create a website called myfriendsmells.com? Will there now be a run on domain names related to this one? You know… mydogsmells.com, my fishtanksmells.com, etc.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Here is the release:

Miami, FL – Feb 19, 2016 – Today marks the launch of myfriendsmells.com (#myfriendsmells), a site allowing customers to anonymously send cologne wipes to friends with an attached note informing the recipient that they smell BAD! Released to great fanfare, myfriendsmells.com capitalizes on a much underserved market niche: allowing the non-confrontational friends of smelly men and women to send either individual cologne wipes ($1.99) or even a 4 pack ($4.99) in the hopes of conquering bad BO, once and for all.

image001Both buyers AND recipients are cracking up, and smelling great in the process. The site boasts complete anonymity for the sender, which is a huge draw, not to mention offering inexpensive pricing and free US shipping. Of course, bad body odor is not limited to the US, and myfriendsmells.com has responded to that lucrative market segment by offering international shipping for a small fee.

image002“Everyone has a stinky friend. A classmate, co-worker, boss, sibling or other stank suspect. Those days of smelliness are over – here is your chance to tell them what’s up” a spokesperson from myfriendsmells.com explains, “what’s best is that we do the dirty work for you.”

Based on early sales figures, it seems that most people have smelly friends and cannot wait to make them know it. Representatives from the company acknowledge another potential key to their success: there may just be a whole lot of jokesters out there with a motive to embarrass their friends. The upside? A laugh, and well, the recipient smells good to go.

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