February 11, 2016 Last Updated 11:10 am

Updates: Skype now opens Microsoft Office files; eBook service Glose fixes some bugs

Flipboard adds publisher’s names to the ‘More Stories’ module after digital magazine articles, and improves some visuals in app update

The acquisition of Skype in 2011 was one of the many companies acquired in the days when Steve Ballmer was trying desperately to figure out how to reverse Microsoft’s fortunes. Three years later Ballmer is gone from Microsoft and is now trying to figure out how to make the Clippers a winner, while the Warriors play the part of Apple (man, talk about bad luck).

Skype iconSkype has run into troubles since its acquisition by Microsoft, thanks in large part to the impression that the software is not secure. But it also has not been promoted or given new features frequently enough.

Today, a minor update may be seen by users as very helpful. Skype for iPhone has been updated today, adding support for opening Microsoft Office documents. As this iPhone app and the iPad app are generally updated at the same time, one might reasonably expect an update to appear today (or soon) for Skype for iPad to add the same feature.

Skype has to compete with other services such as FaceTime these days, but it is still a growing service, and often the go-to solution for calls between more than two parties.

Other updates:

Glose, which bills itself as the social eBook reader, has updated its iOS app, fixing some buys, and claiming to make the service a bit faster.

Flipboard has issued an update to improve the visuals of the flipping articles inside the customer built magazines. The update also adds the publisher’s name to the “More Stories” module after articles.

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