February 10, 2016 Last Updated 7:29 am

Report: IBT Media to drop Newsweek paywall, move to premium content model

The weekly news magazine Newsweek told Ad Age that it would be dropping its paywall, while retaining a digital subscription mechanism for some content. This move to a premium content model is the exact opposite direction being taken by Tribune Publishing, which announced recently that it would move to a metered paywall model.

newsweek-flag“There has to be an advantage to being a subscriber,” Mitchell Caplan, IBT Media CMO, told Ad Age.

According to Caplan, the magazine has more digital subscribers than print subscribers, though the numbers remain low (the magazine has long claimed only 100K in print subscriptions). At 35 bucks for a digital-only subscription it would appear that the news magazine continues to be bleeding red ink.

IBT Media has more luck licensing the Newsweek brand to overseas publishers. Last year Newsweek Serbia was launched by Adria Media Group.

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