February 10, 2016 Last Updated 3:26 pm

Evoke Magazine debuts in print and digital (PDF) editions

The premiere issue of Evoke Magazine from photographer Morgan Jane Miller is available, the publisher announced today. Print and digital editions can be ordered from the magazine’s website, and the print edition can also be purchased from Amazon.com.

The print edition is priced at $19.95, while the digital edition is priced at $6.95 for the downloadable PDF.

The new photography magazine from the Sonoma-based photographer and her husband should not be confused with the existing photography title, Evoke Magazine, from Victor Ojeda, which I believe is a digital-only magazine, and has had an app available since last May.

(One, of course, wonders if the publisher of the new magazine checked out the App Store before launching this new title.)

Here is the announcement for the debut issue of the new Evoke Magazine:

SONOMA, Calif. – February 10, 2016 — The first issue of Evoke Magazine celebrates the timeless beauty and patina that all things vintage bring to our modern lives. The tagline – Vintage Style for Contemporary Living – gives a clue to the magazine’s content: beautifully restored chateaus and homes, modern spaces with heirloom elements, and traditional ways of arranging hearth, home and table.

Morgan Jane Miller is the principal writer and photographer of Evoke as well as editor-in-chief. She has a background in fine art photography, photo styling and interior design. Miller is also an antique collector and the former owner of home design store Vintage Home and Garden in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Evoke Magazine coverInspiration for the magazine’s focus on the intersection between contemporary and vintage come from the rich variety of terms we now have to describe this growing aesthetic, Miller explains on the magazine’s site. Phrases such as “rustic modern, industrial chic, Americana contemporary and French country modern” all help define the uniquely artistic effect of nestling old within new, or new within old.

In noticing the trend toward mixing vintage and contemporary – styles that used to need their own space to roam – Miller felt she had stumbled onto something. Miller explains, “This theme reflects both an authentic home decorating direction and a lifestyle that honors our connection to the past.”

One can see this theme played out across every simply laid out page. The book revels in stunning pictures of sweeping grounds, spiral staircases, artfully crumbling stone, twisted trees, flowering vines, stacked dishes, handmade soaps and tablescapes of which Antiques Roadshow would be jealous.

Cool grays, rich wooden browns, weathered blues and lime greens populate its corners and margins, amongst which pose old dress forms, sturdy baskets and floral arrangements. Pictures of sunlit pantries, weathered structures, graveled walkways and antique pitchers abound.

This issue travels to France to explore gorgeous French country homes such as Château de Gudanes, Château Dumas and Rabbit Hill. Back home in California, the magazine dips into vintage style leaders such as Chateau Sonoma, Atelier de Campagne and Eloquence®.

The magazine’s reception has been excellent. One reader commented, “The quality and the beautiful images will make this a collectable magazine. This is not one you will want to toss in the recycling bin, but one that you will want to place along with your design books or on your coffee table. You will want to return to it and be inspired by its beauty.”

“Hands down the BEST production value and photography I’ve seen in a long time,” adds another reader. But a third, perhaps, says it best: “It’s a storybook magazine.”

The first issue is roughly 100 pages long and is available for order on the magazine’s website at www.evokemagazine.com in both print and digital form.

The print edition is also available at Amazon.com where Amazon Prime members enjoy free shipping.

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