February 8, 2016 Last Updated 11:19 am

First Look: Revisita Metal from Cero Design Studio

Built using the Bütton platform, the digital magazine app currently only offers an older issue for readers, but one assumes new issues will soon be added to the app’s library

The fashion, photography and art magazine METAL has been around since 2006. From Barcelona, the magazine is available in print and maintains two websites at revistamedia.com and dailymetal.eu. Last week it also released an iPad edition, simply called Revisita Metal, into the Apple App store in the Magazines & Newspapers category.


The app was built using the Bütton digital publishing platform and was released under the Cero Design Studio developer account name – Bütton and Cero are, one presumes, the same people. Cesar Rojo is the CEO of Cero Design Studio and was my contact when publishing TNM’s Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms, which Bütton is a part of.

The previewer app for the Bütton digital publishing platform, Bütton View, also appears under the Cero developer account.

The odd thing about this new app is that it contains an issue that is clearly a few years old. The cover seen here is the same as you’ll find in Bütton’s entry in the Guide. I think what is going on here is that they have launched a new app, and have started out with their older issue, with the idea that once new issues appear inside the app’s library. This issue is labeled issue #29 and the magazine’s website says the latest issue is issue #34.

Metal magazine iPad app navigationBut simply judging what is already inside the app, this is an excellent native digital magazine. Designed in landscape, the layouts feature plenty of layers, an animated cover, and a pretty cool tablet of content integrated into the cover (a feature I like quite a bit). Tap the cover picture above to see the cover in action.

Issue #29 weighs in at 316 MB, and downloads rather slowly. But if I had any criticism of the digital magazine it might be that 1) there is no iPhone support (at least not yet), and while it is attractive and easy to read on a standard sized iPad or iPad Pro, the fonts a bit small on an iPad mini.

I also wonder why I could not find a staff box. This is something that is often left out of native digital magazine and it is a mistake as it makes it hard for the magazine to interact with readers.

The sole issue here includes only one ad, from Chanel, which is not a surprise as the original print magazine would have been designed in portrait and this digital edition is in landscape.

Issue #29 is free of charge to download so digital designers are encouraged to check it out. It is very nice and makes one wonder what future issue will look like. There is a subscribe button available as well as push notifications which will allow you to know when a new issue is to be found inside the new app.

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