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Playboy unveils its March issue, complete with less unveiling

The magazine also released a new iOS and Android app called Playboy Lifestyle which has a subscription model just as if it were a digital magazine app, which is basically is

Today has been a busy day in the publishing world, so this press release below kind of got lost in the traffic. Playboy, as most readers know, has abandoned its nude model policy and is moving in another direction.

“Over the past six months, Playboy’s editorial team has been rethinking and redesigning the storied publication, using the intellectual, artistic and literary powerhouse years of the 1960s Playboy as their guiding light,” the magazine said today. “The result is a Playboy magazine for a new generation, full of fresh contributors, new regular features, and an entirely contemporary take on photographing the beautiful women who have made the publication one of the most enduring and successful of all time.”

Playboy magazine iPad LifestyleWhat the publisher has done is simply try and up the quality – both editorially and production-wise. Judging the editorial will have to wait until the issues come out, but the cosmetic changes will be easier to see. The magazine is increasing in size – it will now be 9 inches by 11 inches – and the paper stock has been improved.

Whether these changes can improve the magazine’s fortunes only time will tell, but the magazine is not stopping at changes to its print product. As Cory Jones, chief content officer at Playboy, told the NYT, the magazine has made changes online that are already paying off.

“A year and a half ago, we relaunched Playboy.com as a safe-for-work site, and traffic skyrocketed 400 percent,” Jones said. “The average age of our visitors dropped from 47 years old to 30. It showed how the brand can still resonate.”

The magazine also launched a new app just before Christmas, Playboy Lifestyle. The app has generated no reviews in a month and a half inside the App Store, which is never a good sign. But there are several reviews for the app inside Google Play for the app, which I suppose is not good news for Apple.

The app, though, is native and priced very much like a digital magazine subscription:

1. “I have Commitment Issues”: A 30-day subscription for $2.99
2. “I want it all”: A 1-year subscription for $19.99 — which will save you 45% compared to the monthly subscription.

There is some good content inside it, taken from the magazine and website I presume, but the first navigation button goes to “Girls” which reveals where the magazine’s head and heart remain. The difference is that the photographs are rather innocent and, it feels to me, only act to point out how antiquated the publishing model has become in this day and age.

By the way, the last time TNM featured a Playboy magazine cover Google gave this site a notice of violation for featuring “nudity” even though there was actually none.  So at the risk of another violation, here is the announcement from Playboy about their March issue, the first to no longer feature nude models.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. –  February 4, 2016 — Playboy magazine will officially unveil the most highly-anticipated issue in its 62-year history at the company’s annual party during Super Bowl weekend tomorrow night in San Francisco.  The long-awaited March 2016 issue (on newsstands Friday, February 12) first created headlines last fall when the company announced it would no longer feature explicit nudity in the pages of its magazine.

Playboy magazine March 2016Over the past six months, Playboy’s editorial team has been rethinking and redesigning the storied publication, using the intellectual, artistic and literary powerhouse years of the 1960s Playboy as their guiding light.  The result is a Playboy magazine for a new generation, full of fresh contributors, new regular features, and an entirely contemporary take on photographing the beautiful women who have made the publication one of the most enduring and successful of all time.

Although the women in the new Playboy magazine don’t bare it all, it doesn’t mean that the March issue is not one of the sexiest in Playboy‘s history.  This month’s cover model is Snapchat/Instagram luminary Sarah McDaniel as the star of a stunning social media concept cover and pictorial; the March Playmate is Dree Hemingway, whose mother, actress Mariel Hemingway appeared in Playboyin 1982; and artist and model Myla Dalbesio works her magic by taking her own photos for the issue.

Inside the new pages, cover model Sarah McDaniel perfectly describes Playboy’s fresh point of view when she says, “The idea was to look at me from a boyfriend’s perspective.”  The pictorials in the March issue are intimate looks at these beautiful women with a very real, relaxed vibe.

The overall dimensions and feel of the magazine have also changed – the size has increased (to 9″ x 11″) and the paper has been upgraded, giving the magazine a collectible feel.  And for the first time since 1985, Playboy magazine will be delivered to newsstands without a polybag.  The magazine will also benefit from mainline newsstand placement and increased distribution, with nearly 1200 new retail locations carrying the magazine for the first time.  In addition, Playboy magazine is expected to be available for the first time via a number of key digital retailers.

Highlights of what else is between the covers of the new Playboy magazine include:

  • Francofile – the return of a high-profile interview every month by resident renaissance man James Franco.
  • Rabbit Hole – the maestro of miscellany Ben Schott’s monthly take on the subject of his choice.   This month, appropriately enough, it’s “nudity.”
  • My Way – Entrepreneurial inspiration by those brave enough to follow their dreams.
  • Playboy Advisor – the magazine’s most famous column will now be written by a woman, columnist Rachel Rabbit White.
  • Artist In Residence – each month will feature an original artist. For March it’s artist and cartoonist Jay Howell.
  • No Filter – We give the mic to a woman who’s making waves in entertainment.
  • Politics – Each month will feature an essay from political columnist John Meroney.

Additional features in this month’s issue include:

  • The Playboy Interview – An insightful interview from television news anchor Rachel Maddow on the eve of the Presidential primary season.
  • 20 Questions – This month we hear from Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the team behind “Broad City,” one of the funniest shows on television.
  • Modern Sexuality – An essay from Bret Easton Ellis.
  • God Bless Birth Control – Erin Gloria Ryan takes a look at the I.U.D. which she says “has the potential to lead women into the next sexual revolution.”
  • My Deportation – a scary look inside one man’s tussle with U.S. Immigration (note, things aren’t going well for him).
  • Literature – two installments:  an exclusive excerpt from Karl Ove Knausgaard’s epic series My Struggle: Book Five, and new exclusive fiction from Don Winslow entitled “Boone Daniels Rogue Ride.”

“I know I speak for all involved when I say that creating this new Playboy magazine has been a labor of love for those fortunate enough to work on it,” said Playboy Enterprises CEO, Scott Flanders.  “We are exceptionally proud of the end result and are confident that everyone will enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it.”

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