February 2, 2016 Last Updated 4:00 pm

Le Parisian relaunches digital newspaper app using the Twipe Digital Publishing platform

The new app offers a replica edition of the print newspaper – all ten regional editions plus Aujourd’hui en France – enhanced with reformatted text of the stories inside

The French daily tabloid Le Parisian has relaunched its digital newspaper app, Le journal Le Parisian, late last week. The app continues to offer readers the to regional editions of the newspaper as well as the nation newspaper Aujourd’hui en France.

Le Parisian newspaper front pageThe relaunch uses the Twipe Digital Publishing Platform, which produces a modified replica edition of the paper.

Because the newspaper is a tabloid, it is a bit easier to read using a standard sized iPad (and probably is very easy to read on the new iPad Pro). The reader can, of course, also use pinch to zoom. The app also allows for landscape reading which makes the fonts even larger, thought then the reader must scroll to reach the bottom of the newspaper page.

But like a few other platforms, the Twipe platform allows for the reader to tap a headline to pull up a reformatted version of the story for easier reading. This is similar to what you will find in replica edition apps for The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and other papers.

Most native digital apps of newspapers actually are not delivering that day’s print newspaper but are actually what you might call web replicas – they take feeds from the paper’s website and reformat them into the smartphone or tablet app. In Europe, it is somewhat more common to see apps duplicate the print edition, with many of them hard-to-read PDF replicas. But Le Parisian seems pretty committed to app editions, also offering a separate app for their website called leParisien.fr, touted les actualités France en direct.

La Parisian newspaper articleThe only odd part of the solution here is when the reader taps on a story on the front page. Rather than it linking to the actual story inside, it simply pulls up the headline and subheads that one sees in the print version of the front page. It would be nice it rather than doing this that they would link to the stories inside.

While I am not a fan of replica editions, a daily newspaper that wants to deliver a digital version of its print paper (not just a reformatted version of its website) faces a real production challenge. The solution here seems a good way to go as it delivers a readable replica edition that also delivers the articles reformatted.

Le Parisian, which is owned by Editions Philippe Amaury, also owns the television channel l’equips TV and publishes several sports journals. The paper was founded as Le Parisian libéré in 1944, and like many newspapers has seen its circulation plummet in recent years.

Twipe is based in Belgium and their platform will used for the La Parisienne and Le Parisian Magazine apps.

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