February 1, 2016 Last Updated 6:45 am

D-Day in Iowa and, of course, it’s supposed to snow; Washington Post issues another bug fix update for ‘Classic’ iPad app

Morning Brief: Two digital magazine publishing platforms, Mag+ and Aquafadas, have issued updates for their previewer apps, while the digital book service Scribd has issued a bug fix update

The Iowa Caucuses are tonight, meaning that tomorrow’s news will be dominated by pundits telling readers that Iowa doesn’t really matter that much (after six months of telling them how important Iowa is). For those following the news outside the US it must all seem so strange, one state voting while the other 99+ percent of the nation stands on the sidelines watching.

The good news for political junkies is that now things really get started: from today until June 14, the last primary which takes place in Washington DC, there are only three weeks when there are no primaries being held.

As for voting today in Iowa… wouldn’t you know that there are winter storm warnings being posted, though the storm is likely to hit very late tonight.

Last week was a bit slow for media app updates, but this week has started with a number bug fix update, at least one of which hopes to solve a persistent problem.

The Washington Post iPad newspaperThe Washington Post Classic for iPad: This app, which features both a web news section and a replica of the print edition, has been updated for the fifth time this year. The second update, released on January 25 appears to have caused users some issues and so three bug fix updates have been released in quick order.

The latest update is supposed to fix a crash issue – which oddly I’ve never experience. But the app seems to have other problems, as well. For instance, this is what I see this morning, a story about the major snowstorm about to hit DC. The problem, of course, is that the story is from January 21. I was able to get the app to update the content only after going from the digital edition to the print edition, then back again, and they forcing a refresh. This might not be the last bug fix update we see for this edition of the app.

Mag+ Designd Reviewer: The digital publishing platform Mag+ has updated its previewer app. This is the same app many have used to preview their digital editions, but was renamed when Mag+ launched Semble, their new drop and drag mobile app solution.

What’s New in Version 6.1.3

  • Fix for block level slideshows being able to interfere with clickable areas to the side of the slideshow.
  • Improvements for display on iPad Pro.

Aquafadas Viewer: This is the previewer app for the digital publishing platform Aquafadas, and fixes an issue with date validation for users still on iOS 7 – that can’t be very many users. The update brings the app up to version 4.2.1.

Scribd: The digital book platform has update its iOS app. Unfortunately, the update may not be solving the bug issues as the first couple of reader reviews say they are still experiencing crashes.

What’s New in Version 4.1.1

  • Pow! We’ve squashed bugs and boosted performance across the app.
  • We’ve fixed some nasty crashes when opening books and made your books download twice as fast!
  • Find your favorites: We’ve updated our Browse feature, so it’s easier to enjoy the Scribd library and pick something you’ll love.

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