January 27, 2016 Last Updated 3:11 pm

The New York Times issues update to iPhone and iPad apps to allow reader comment replies

Both app updates add improved comment reply functions, and an often requested app feature from readers who want their apps to function more like the NYT’s website

The New York Times today issued important updates to its mobile and tablet apps, finally making the changes necessary to allow reader comments.

New York Times iPad appThe ability to read and write comments was undoubtedly the number one request change to the NYT’s mobile apps, so it is assumed the additions will be met with cheers.

While some media outlets have begun moderating, or even turning off reader comments, the NYT and Washington Post are in a bit of a battle for web traffic. The Times, which used to more carefully moderate comments, has seen the Post open itself up to all sorts of comments and the Times has responded by using a lighter touch when moderating (though they have said nothing officially about this, nor would they as it would be an embarrassing to admit that allowing trolling is a profitable digital publishing model).

The apps updated are NYTimes for iPad and the iPhone app NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News:

What’s New in Version 3.13
Some new features to make for a more enjoyable reading experience:

  • You can now write and reply to comments on articles. (We heard your requests and appreciate the patience.)
  • On iOS 9? Search for New York Times stories using Spotlight Search and read them in the app.

The iPhone update app description also mentions that it is now easier to view photos by swiping across slideshows right on Top Stories.

The Washington Post Classic for iPad app, just updated on Monday, got another update today to fix some lingering app bugs.

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