January 26, 2016 Last Updated 3:29 pm

Microsoft releases News Pro iPhone app powered by Bing

App joins the hundreds of other news aggregation app out there for the iPhone, with the only unique thing about this one being that it comes from the company behind Windows and uses Bing

The maker of Windows has just launched an iPhone only news aggregation app. Why is probably the real question, or maybe why not? But here it is from Microsoft, News Pro for the iPhone.

NewsPro Microsoft app iPhone The app is like a million other news aggregation apps that bring in content based on the categories the user choses, then simply takes the reader to the website of the content provider.

The categories feel completely random to me, but supposedly the app is meant to deliver “hyper-relevant news for your work.” OK. But couldn’t they have at least put the categories in alphabetical order?

News Pro is a Microsoft Garage project, the app description states, but going to that unit’s website one finds no mention of the app, and the corporate Microsoft website doesn’t mention it either.

That’s probably just as well, this is just another news aggregation app, one that neither helps publishers reach readers, nor readers find news important to them. This just feels like an iOS development project – practice, if you will. That it was released for the iPhone first probably says more about the stature of the iPhone than it does what The Garage can develop.

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