January 26, 2016 Last Updated 12:29 pm

Baquet stresses visual journalism in promotion of Amanda Cox as editor of The Upshot

Cox replaces the politics, policy, and economics blog’s founding editor David Leonhardt, who was previously announced to be moving to the opinion section

The New York Times today announced the promotion of Amanda Cox as editor of The Upshot, the paper’s replacement for Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.\

David Leonhardt, the founding editor of The Upshot, is leaving the blog to take a position in the newspaper’s opinion section.

The Upshot New York Times blogCox graduated from St. Olaf College, received a master’s degree in statistics, then joined the NYT as a graphics summer intern in 2004.

“I have asked Amanda to take on this job because she is the best person to lift The Upshot to new heights,” Dean Baquet, executive editor at the NYT, said in a staff memo. “But I also want to note an underlying message in her appointment. Visual journalism – graphics, interactives, photography, video, virtual reality – is a growing part of our report, and it’s an area where we excel. In the future, visual journalists, and those, like Amanda, whose background spans both words and visuals, are a crucial part of the future leadership of The Times.”

Kevin Quealy was also named by Baquet as a deputy editor of The Upshot.

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