January 25, 2016 Last Updated 12:37 pm

Major East Coast newspapers thinking snow today, but will soon to shift to Iowa politics

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There is nothing quite a weather story to get the East Coast media in a frenzy. Under normal circumstances, a good weather story is something East Coast media folk see as reserved for us Midwesterners. But dump some snow on them and what does the nation get but 24 coverage of snowflakes.

newspapers NYT Washington PostThe storm that dumped record amounts of snow from Virginia up to New York this weekend means that much of the eastern seaboard remains closed down today.

But the media’s attention will shift rapidly this week as we are now only a week away from the Iowa caucuses. It will also be yet another test of the power of the media – or rather that lack of power. The Des Moines Register, the largest paper in Iowa, has endorsed Hilary Clinton in an editorial published in the Sunday paper.

The presidency is not an entry-level position. Whoever is sworn into office next January must demonstrate not only a deep understanding of the issues facing America, but also possess the diplomatic skills that enable presidents to forge alliances to get things done.

By that measure, Democrats have one outstanding candidate deserving of their support: Hillary Clinton. No other candidate can match the depth or breadth of her knowledge and experience.

The Gannett paper has seen its Sunday circulation fall since the last time Clinton was involved with the Iowa caucuses. Back in 2008, the Register’s Sunday circulation was just under 230K. When Obama ran for reelection in 2012 it was fallen slightly to just over 205K. In the paper’s last report, however, Sunday circulation has plummeted to around 137K, with home delivery of the print paper dangerously close to falling below 100,000.

But circulation really is not the issue here. In 2008 the paper endorsed Clinton and John McCain, the winners ended up being Obama and Mike Huckabee. In 2012 the paper endorsed Mitt Romney and the winner was Rick Santorum.

This year the Register endorsed Marco Rubio on the Republican side. The latest poll has Rubio at 12 percent and with little chance of doing better than finishing third.

Tennis just isn’t the popular sport it once was when players such as John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg were its stars. But the sport is back in the center of the media’s attention thanks to a growing match fixing scandal.

Former player Nick Lindahl pleaded guilty in an Australian court recently to the charge of throwing a game in a minor tournament in 2013. His name is among the first to have come out as involved in scandal involving throwing relatively minor matches, usually involving lower ranked players.

Despite recent publicity surrounding match fixing, a recent match at the current Australian Open has come under suspicion, according to the NYT:

Ahead of a first-round match pitting Lara Arruabarrena and David Marrero against Andrea Hlavackova and Lukasz Kubot, large amounts of money poured in on what would normally be an obscure contest, said Marco Blume, head of sportsbook at the website, Pinnacle Sports, one of the largest and most influential betting websites in the world.

Nearly all of the money, Blume said, came down for Hlavackova and Kubot, which he said was an indication that the match might be fixed.

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