January 25, 2016 Last Updated 1:21 pm

AOL announces launch of ‘ONE by AOL: Publishers’, acquires programmatic platform AlephD

The legacy online company AOL today announced the global launch of ONE by AOL: Publishers, its platform described as assisting publishers with “publishers with audience engagement and analytics, content distribution and revenue management.”

AOL also announced that it had acquired AlephD, a programmatic platform specializing in publisher analytics and price floor optimization, which will become a key part of the ONE by AOL: Publishers platform. AOL said the acquired company will offer the following services for publishers:

  • Price Floor Optimization: Helps to maximize the value of every visitor to websites and apps, calculating the best price for each impression in real time.
  • Deal Simulation: Helps to find the optimal price for deals in order to maximize seller profit and monitor the performance of new and ongoing deals.
  • Auction insights: Monitors and analyzes auctions, finding patterns or needed adjustments in pricing to tap additional revenue on auction inventory.
  • Open: AOL has a philosophy of openness, empowering partners to select the pieces of the AOL offering that best match needs and ROI, with no requirements for adopting the full platform or any specific functions. AlephD shares this vision, enabling partners to use analytics and optimization with AOL or any integrated partner for executing media sales.

Here is AOL’s announcement for the launch of ONE by AOL: Publishers:

PALM DESERT, Calif. – January 25, 2016 – Today, at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting, AOL launched ONE by AOL: Publishers to simplify an overly complex ecosystem and provide holistic, tailored solutions for publishers.

Over the past six years, AOL has invested more than $1 billion in publisher-first technologies, and has developed and expanded those solutions globally. By bringing the businesses and platforms together with ONE by AOL: Publishers, AOL is helping publishers with audience engagement and analytics, content distribution and revenue management.

“Publishers face many obstacles and challenges in navigating the complexities of today’s media environment, and the walled garden technology solutions available to them today is underservicing their needs to capitalize on the consumer shift to mobile and video,” said Tim Mahlman, President of Publisher Platforms, AOL. “With ONE by AOL: Publishers, AOL is drawing on world-class, publisher-minded teams and technology solutions to redefine monetization and empower publishers to capture the maximum value of their content.”

AOL is committed to the publisher community in an industry that has largely built advertiser-first tools. ONE by AOL: Publishers delivers a number of differentiated benefits, including:

  • Unique Demand:It is tightly connected with the ONE by AOL buying platform, making the process of selling advertising much more seamless for publishers. This helps publishers maintain closer, more valuable relationships with their ad buyers across Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and trading desks, as well as integrated, third-party demand sources.
  • Tackling the Tech Tax:It simplifies the number of platforms and partners needed to harness every type of advertising relationship and satisfy every ad buyer requirement, while eliminating much of the painful tech tax that publishers face with cobbling together point solutions. On average, publishers use four different supply-side platforms to sell inventory* and receive less than 50 percent of the media spend advertisers are willing to pay due to the number of intermediaries**.
  • Data, Analysis Optimization:Publishers can harness AOL’s robust tools to bolster understanding of both their own assets and the behavior of their buyers. The offering analyzes patterns in pricing, audience, and inventory, enabling publishers to build more valuable segments of audiences and inventory packages.
  • Mobile-First:AOL simplifies the challenges associated with monetizing mobile, including within apps where it’s incredibly time-intensive and requires numerous resources to execute. The offering provides a single solution across not only all formats and devices, but all ad buying partners, with a flexible SDK that accesses one of the industry’s largest mobile portfolios.
  • Activate & Expand Video Opportunities:AOL gives publishers the power to scale their most valuable inventory, video, by creating new opportunities through distribution and player technologies.

As part of the rollout, AOL has further consolidated its brand portfolio within the publisher platforms business and is moving to a unified master service agreement with publishers spanning all solutions. Point solution brands that have been in market will consolidate and rebrand under ONE by AOL: Publishers.

 While publishers will see more synergies and economic efficiencies by using more components, ONE by AOL: Publishers is a suite of modular products that customers can buy separately or in various combinations.

New Video Solution

The AOL On Network, Vidible, and Be On technology offerings are part of ONE by AOL: Publishers and have been integrated into a combined video activation solution for publishers. It empowers publishers and their editors with a next generation set of video management and curation tools built to expand video distribution opportunities across desktop, mobile and over-the-top devices.

This new video content player provides publishers with a much deeper set of data on their audience, as well as performance of their content and advertising, such as viewability, ad blocking and non-human traffic levels.

* Source: AOL Publisher Advisory Board survey

** Source: AdAge, “Inside the Hidden Costs of Programmatic,” September 2015

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