January 21, 2016 Last Updated 12:04 pm

Second look: SWISS Universe updates digital edition app, introduces new look for tablets

The digital magazine app for the airline’s customer magazine for first and business class passengers gets first major update since its release last summer

The digital magazine app for first and business class passengers on Swiss Air, SWISS Universe, has been updated, introducing a new look for the tablet version. The update brings the app up to version 2.0.1.

Swiss Universe - Magazines - iPadYesterday I noticed an update come through for the magazine which uses the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, which promised a new look for tablets. This immediately caught my attention because, though I liked the original app (see original TNM post here), I was rather concerned with what I was seeing with many of the new apps that were using the new Adobe DPS. There was a sameness to them, a boxiness, if you will.

Unfortunately, the version 2.0 app was issued by mistake as once it was installed it gave a notice that said that the “beta” had expired. Oops, someone must have uploaded the wrong file to Apple’s system.

Sure enough, a new update came through that fixed everything.

As I said, I liked the old look, but this is a huge improvement, and proof that designers can be creative with the new Adobe DPS designing their digital edition apps.

If one were to describe the difference between using the older DPS and the new one, it would be that the new solution is more mobile-first in its approach. The idea is that readers what to be able to read magazine content as if it were the web, with content often updated.

Swiss Universe - magazines - iPad - PeopleThe new version of SWISS Universe really jazzes things up, producing a very attractive, more complex native digital edition. There is still a bit of boxiness to the overall design, but I think it is fine – more importantly, it has its own unique look.

As for the articles, they are very well designed for tablet reading, and have many of the digital features one used to see more often in digital editions, such as pop-up captions, for instance.

I suppose a minority of readers would lament the lack of a landscape option, but digital designers long ago decided to stick to one orientation when designing their pages. This saves file space, as well as time and effort. Sticking to portrait also makes the tablet version more like the smartphone version, too.

The good news for digital designers is that since this digital magazine comes from a brand, in this case Swiss Air, the app and its contents are free to download access. This is definitely a good one to review, be inspired by (and copy a bit). Very well done.

And here is the best part: you don’t have to be in first class to read the magazine!

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