January 20, 2016 Last Updated 1:54 pm

Social eBook reader app Glose goes to version 2.0 with update

The eBook platform Glose has updated both its iOS and Android apps today. Its iOS app is now at version 2.0.1 (I guess version 2.0 had a bug in it?) and the app inside Google Play is at version 1.5.20.

Glose-app-iconThe Glose platform is all about social sharing, the ability to spread the word about new book, sharing samples, annotating books, etc.

Today’s update is a major one that speeds up the activation process for new users, even allowing readers to read the first 10 percent of any book before they have even signed up.

Here is the app description of all the changes users will find in the new version of the Glose app:

What’s New in Version 2.0.1
Faster. Better. Stronger (Again ?!)

Glose 2.0 is here, with some big new features and enhancements

  • For new users we made our onboarding process easier. In fact we removed our onboarding. You can now read any books (10 first %) without even creating an account! Download the app, boom, open any books you want to read or discover. Your progress and opened books will be transferred to your account once you’ll have created it.
  • Stats: Ever wondered how much time you spent glued at your screen, reading, on Glose? Well, now you can. Swipe your profile picture and discover your stats! We also display a beautiful graph with your current week reading time! And we have a lot more to come on this part.
  • Faster, Better, Stronger: Offline support? Better. Speed ? Faster. We’ve made some tweaks so everything loads a lot faster. Our bookstore, booklists, profile and so on.
  • Edit your books: If you go in the “My Books” section, there is now an edit button in the top bar. It was one of our most requested features. You can now hide and delete books from your library. You want to read Fifty Shade of Gray but doesn’t want to let your friends now about it ? Just hide it, it’ll be visible only to you. You can also purely and simply delete any book you opened.
  • Safari/App auto login: If you’re logged on Glose for iOS it’ll automatically log you on our website. If you visit https://glose.com on Safari after this update, you’ll be automatically logged in! And for our web mobile user, we also do it the other way. If you download the application and you are logged on Safari mobile you’ll automatically be logged within our Glose for iOS.
  • More options in our reader: It was a part of our previous update, but our reader now features different font styles and sizes. An all new sepia theme. And you can also choose whether you prefer to scroll your books vertically or horizontally.
  • We’ve made a ton of UI enhancements, from loading indicator to animations. We hope you’ll enjoy this enhanced and better experience.

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