January 20, 2016 Last Updated 9:07 am

NY Daily News: ‘I’m With Stupid’

The Daily News is clearly not a fan of Ted Cruz, recently publishing a front page saying ‘Drop Dead’ after the Texas Senator said Trump had “New York values” – apparently a fault in The Donald’s character.

Daily News - Sarah Palin Donald TrumpThis morning readers were presented with the second interesting front page, this one featuring Donald Trump, following the candidate’s endorsement by none other than Sarah Palin. Her endorsement speech was described as rambling and incoherent, but it immediately led to speculation that Palin could be Trump’s running mate should he win the Republican nomination.

But Trump quickly moved to end the speculation.

“I don’t think that it would be something that she’d want to do. She’s been through that,” Trump said.

While Palin’s endorsement was broadcast live on many cable news outlets, and led national newspaper website home pages while it was happening, the story has already sunk down below the fold, so to speak. But is was amazing how even more liberal media outlets were willing to hand over their airtime and websites to The Donald. This free advertising he continues to get for his stunts, which is what having Palin endorse him ultimately was, is what is negating the vast amounts of money some of his competitors are spending to reach Iowa and New Hampshire voters.

The Iowa caucuses are now less than three weeks away, and there are no more debates scheduled between today and then, so it will take these kind of stunts to get the media to pay attention to one campaign over another. This probably gives Trump a huge advantage. The only question is who Trump rolls out before the cameras? Will Cruz next start talking about ‘California values’ in order to take the media’s attention off of Trump?

With the reappearance of Palin we know the crazy season truly is upon us.

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