January 20, 2016 Last Updated 3:08 pm

MIT Press to begin co-publishing the science magazine Nautilus

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. January 20, 2016  — Nautilus is a different kind of science magazine. It delivers deep, undiluted, narrative storytelling that brings big-picture science into today’s most important conversations. Nautilus challenges readers to consider the common themes that run through the sciences and connect them to philosophy, culture, and art. Each of its print issues addresses two themes at a time, both addressed from multiple perspectives. Its stories are told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers, illustrated with gorgeous full-color, full-page original illustration.

“If you want to engage people, tell them a good story. Nautilus has found an audience by simply telling the amazing stories of science with style, rigor and imagination. MIT Press is the perfect partner to take Nautilus ‘ print edition to an even larger audience,” says John SteeleNautilus founder and publisher.

Nautilus magazineWith just eleven issues published, Nautilus is already having a tremendous impact. It is the first publication to ever win two National Magazine Awards in its first year of eligibility: the 2015 National Magazine Award for General Excellence in the category of Literature, Science and Politics; and the 2015 National Magazine Award for website. It has also won over a dozen additional awards for its content, original illustration, and design. Several essays have been selected for inclusion in the Best American Science and Nature Writing series, and Library Journal cited Nautilus as one of the ten best new magazines of 2013.

Nautilus reminds the reader that science addresses universal questions and themes,” says Michael Segal, editor in chief. “We feel this is a uniquely powerful motivation to read about science.”

Nautilus has published well-known science writers including Alan Lightman, Sam Harris, Gary Marcus, David Deutsch, Ian Tattersall, Max Tegmark, Martin Rees, Helen Fisher, Carl Zimmer, Philip Ball and Leonard Mlodinow. Nautilus is edited by Michael Segal, a former senior editor at Nature Nanotechnology and MIT graduate.

According to Amy Brand, Director of the MIT Press, “Nautilus takes science magazines to a whole new level— a much more refined, thoughtful, and compelling one. We couldn’t be more excited to be publishing Nautilus in partnership with John and Michael. And everything this remarkable magazine stands for— groundbreaking science accessibly communicated and artistically illustrated—is a fitting extension of the MIT Press’ own strengths and sensibilities.”

The MIT Press will begin co-publishing the print edition of Nautilus in January 2016. More information about Nautilus print can be found here: http://shop.nautil.us/nautilus-print-edition

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