January 15, 2016 Last Updated 8:07 am

Daily News to Ted Cruz: ‘drop dead’, return to Canada, after remark about NY values

GOP presidential candidate explains that NY values are about money and the media, but NYC tabloid begs to differ, running front page that has the Statue of Liberty giving the Senator the finger

The Iowa caucuses are 18 days away, and one can safely say that things are getting interesting, even entertaining, thanks to the Donald and Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz, looking to wrap up a victory in Iowa, FiveThirtyEight now gives him a 51 percent chance of winning, went after Donald Trump this week. “Donald comes from New York and he embodies New York values,” Cruz said. When asked when he first said it exactly what this means, Cruz wouldn’t say, though he said he was sure Iowa voters knew what was meant.

DN-Cruz-600Hey, let’s face it, the chances of a Republican, let alone one from Texas, winning the general election in NY come November are slim to none. So the remark probably had no downside, and served as yet another cultural dog whistle to his supporters.

Last night, during the GOP debate, Cruz was asked again what he meant, and this time he had had time to prepare an explanation:

“Everybody understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal and pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage,” Cruz told the debate moderators. “And focus on money and the media.”

New Yorkers don’t seem to happy about.

Today the Daily News front page was, well, very tabloids, showing the Statue of Liberty giving the Senator the finger.

“If you are dumb enough to think that New York values are some sort of handicap in this presidential season, then you are as dumb and tone deaf as Jesse Jackson was calling the city “Hymietown,” as dumb as Gerald Ford was when he gave this paper the most famous front page in its history, the day he effectively told New York to drop dead,” columnist Michael Lupica wrote.

“Here is what New York values are: New York values are a young guy, a paralegal, literally giving somebody he doesn’t know the shirt off his back on a subway because winter has finally come to the city and brought freezing temperatures with it. New York values are the New York taxi driver who traveled three boroughs across four days to find the guy who had left $1,400 in his cab, so he could return the money to him. You know what that really was? It was the real life of a city that Ted Cruz knows nothing about. He is simply another tourist here, one constantly on the make,” Lupica explained.

Of course, this was as much a safe column as Cruz’s remark was a safe comment. The Daily News is read almost exclusively by New Yorkers, after all.

Maybe Lupica’s column could be reprinted in the Dallas Morning News, and Cruz can go to NYC to deliver a speech on New York values?

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