January 12, 2016 Last Updated 11:38 am

Jim Rutenberg named media columnist for The New York Times

The New York Times today filled the vacancy for media columnist vacant since the death of David Carr. Jim Rutenberg, who has been chief political correspondent for the Sunday magazine, got the nod.

Rutenberg was originally hired by the NYT in 2000 to cover media and local politics, coming over from the NY Observer where he was a TV reporter. The NYU grad’s first job after college was at the NY Daily News where he was a stringer before being hired as a staff reporter in 1996.

Rutenberg has big shoes to fill, following the very well respected Carr. Carr died at the office, collapsing in the NYT’s office after suffering of complications from metastatic lung cancer.

“It’s an honor and beyond daunting to be granted the space that David filled in such a special way, which touched so many people,” Rutenberg said in the NYT’s own story on the assignment. “There can never be another David Carr, so I can only hope to do his legacy, and the paper, proud.”

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