January 11, 2016 Last Updated 6:00 am

Apple TV beta contains support for Bluetooth keyboards, folders

Apple releases new betas to developers for the Apple TV, iOS and Apple Watch, with the mobile update adding a new Night Shift mode for the iPhone and iPad

The latest beta for the Apple TV has been released to developers, bringing the software up to version tvOS 9.2. The update contains a couple of interesting, if minor, new features.

AppleTV-appstore-top-300The first is support for Bluetooth keyboards. Some owners of the new Apple TV were a little upset that the iOS Remote app did not work with the new Apple TV because, while the new physical remote was certainly an improvement over the old one, they still like to have the ability to type using the Remote app. Apple fairly quickly updated the Remote app to fix this. But typing on a mobile device, or using the swiping action of the new remote that comes with the new Apple TV, is still not as good as using a Bluetooth keyboard – assuming you have a spare one around that you can use with your TV.

The other change is the addition of folders. As more and more Apple TV apps are released, especially games, owners of the Apple TV will not want their home screens to be an endless line of apps. Better to place some of those into folders, right?

There are some other additions, as well: support for MapKit, Siri support for US Spanish (in the US only) and Canadian French (though Apple calls it French Canadian), as well as Siri support for UK English, Australian English and US English available across the UK, Australian and US Storefronts when English is set as the system language.

Apple also released a new beta for iOS and Apple Watch, iOS 9.3. There are plenty of known issues, so I would cautious the curious who are not really working on new apps, but simply love to have the latest betas. The most annoying bug is probably issues with Bluetooth connections.

Apple also issued a beta for the Apple Watch, watchOS 2.2.

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