January 5, 2016 Last Updated 4:13 pm

iOS eBook reading app updates: NOOK gains 3D Touch support, Kobo, Scribd apps are updated

Other updates include ones issue by The New York Times for their NYT Cooking app, and a minor bug fix update for La Presse+, which recently went to a digital-only approach to weekday editions

The App Store is back up following the holidays and several eBook reading apps (iOS) have received updates. Most are simple bug fix updates, of course.

NOOK-feature-300Barnes & Noble updates its iOS NOOK app. This is the first update for the app since October and adds some new features including support for 3D Touch:

What’s New in Version 4.5.1

  • 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Access Quick Start shortcuts for Search, My Shelves, B&N Readouts, and Current Read from the Home Screen app icon!
  • iPad Pro compatibility and support for Apple Pencil
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

I’m not sure I like 3D Touch. When using Safari on an iPhone one needs to tap the links to go to the other page, but tapping too hard brings up 3D Touch and nothing happens. There is, however, a setting for 3D Touch, to be found under Accessibility, which allows you to vary the sensitivity from Light to Firm. I need to play with that setting.

Kobo has issued another update for Kobo Reading App, bringing the app up to version 7.10.2. One assumes this is a bug fix update as the developer team is cutting and pasting the app description from previous updates without adding any new information. I hate that. The reason is that anyone deciding to manually update the app will wonder what is going on, why they should download this update. Bad policy, if you ask me.

Scribd has also used cut and paste to duplicate its app description for the update to version 4.0.1. Obviously, this usually means this is simply a bug fix update, but… come on, guys.

Scribd’s app is the only one of these three dated that sports support for the Apple Watch. No, Scribd doesn’t think you will be reading Game of Thrones on your smartwatch, but you may want to control the audiobook version with your watch, so they have built in controls.

Readbug-iPadAnother reading app, of sorts, was updated today, as well. Readbug. the indy magazine app first released in November is now on version 2.0.

The app is a bit of like Texture in that it is an all-you-can read subscription service, and it now contains a Discover section.

“It’s the screen you’ll land on when you open the new app (you can’t miss it) and it’s our super-stylish way of serving up stories that we’re into. Because the stories come from all over our magazine catalogue, you’ll be stumbling across new titles you might have otherwise missed,” Matthew Hammett wrote to users today.

“And the best bit is we’ve made the Discover section completely free. That means you’ll get access to regularly updated content from the best journalists on the planet. If you want to access our full Magazine Stack, your personalised Article Stream or if you want to set favourites, it’ll now cost you just £5.99. Quite the bargain.”

There were a couple newspaper-related app updates issued in the last 24 hours, as well.

The New York Times has updated NYT Cooking app, an app that gets far more frequent updates than any other in its portfolio.

“We’ve updated the search functionality to include results from your recipe box in addition to searching the 17,000 recipes in the New York Times archive. Save your favorite recipes and find inspiration more quickly through our new and improved search experience,” the app description reads.

Another newspaper has updated its app, La Presse+. This is definitely a minor bug fix update, or “Améliorations miners” in French. The paper will want to keep close tabs on its app, as La Presse has recently shuttered its weekday print editions to go all digital (it still produces a Saturday edition in print each week).


ChefsFeed has updated its app, and for a while now has sported an icon that reads “Feed Me” – I hesitate to say what I first thought it said when I first saw it. This update brings in 3D Touch, as well, so it is obvious that developers are embracing the feature.

If you haven’t checked out the app, you should. It takes a unique approach to restaurant and recipe recommendations. TNM featured an interview with the CEO of ChefsFeed, Rich Maggiotto, about a year ago (see here). Maggiotto was formerly the CEO of the digital newsstand Zinio. The full interview was published last year in the digital magazine, App Publisher, now shuttered.

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