December 22, 2015 Last Updated 8:14 am

Oh! those lucky Germans: American Media launches National Enquirer in Germany

When I really get depressed about the state of American media, I like to look at the audit of certain tabloid newspapers – the supermarket tabloids, specifically. The reason for this is that if American reading habits were like the British, the National Enquirer and Star would be 3 million circulation magazines. But they are not. In fact, the circulation of the National Enquirer is only 388K, about a third of what it was a decade ago. This gives me hope.

NatEnq-GermanySadly, the Germans will now be introduced the American form of tabloid journalism now that American Media has launched a German edition.

The press release below calls the tabloid the “largest tabloid in the world” though this seems an odd claim as its sister tabloid, the Star, has a far larger level of circulation. Maybe it is a format thing with them (the Star looks more like a traditional magazine).

But the news events referred to in the release – Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, etc. – give a clue as to how outdated this form of publication is. Maybe it is the era we are in, the Enquirer specializes in celebrity gossip, while most news that leads today involves fear – fear of terrorism, fear of brown people, fear of gays, fear of your Aunt Betsy’s brussels sprout casserole (she always serves during the holidays).

OK, I’m a snob, I can’t understand why some readers think reading blatantly false news about celebrities is entertaining. The Onion is far better at it.

The good news is that these kinds of publications, and even magazines such as People, are almost impossible to read in replica edition form, and few publishers want to try and reformat them for digital. So, eventually, they will go away. Of course, they will be replaced by new native digital magazines, assuming the demand is there in the future.

Here is American Media’s announcement for their new German edition of the National Enquirer:

NEW YORK, NY – December 21, 2015 — American Media, Inc., the leading publisher of celebrity magazines and websites in the United States, today announced that the largest tabloid in the world, The National ENQUIRER will be extending its brand into Germany with the launch of a German language edition on January 14, 2016. This is the first time in 25 years the ENQUIRER has launched an international edition since the UK ENQUIRER, which is published in the United Kingdom.

AMI plans to support the German launch with a multi-million dollar TV & Digital ad campaign, as well as massive in-store promotion at retail. The company expects that the German ENQUIRER will be the largest selling celebrity magazine in Germany within 6 months.

The National ENQUIRER offers a mix of breaking news, Hollywood scandals and investigative journalism that over 6 million American readers enjoy each week. Over the years, it has received international recognition for its reporting on Tiger Woods cheating, OJ Simpson’s trial, the underage sex abuse claims involving Britain’s Prince Andrew, and, most recently, the Charlie Sheen HIV shocker. The ENQUIRER also received Pulitzer Prize consideration for its story on John Edwards that caused the downfall of the former U.S. presidential hopeful.

“There is a void among German celebrity magazines in terms of how they cover today’s major Hollywood celebrities and international figures, and The National ENQUIRER will fill that void,” said David J. Pecker, AMI Chairman, President and CEO. “It will be a unique addition to the market.”

Dylan Howard, Editor-in-Chief of the U.S. edition of The ENQUIRER and Chief Content Officer at AMI, will also be the Editor-in-Chief of the German edition. It will be published out of AMI’s New York headquarters, with a bureau in Frankfurt.

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