December 15, 2015 Last Updated 1:25 pm

MacKeeper, maker of Mac ‘security’ software, admits user information exposed

The company behind the Mac “security” software MacKeeper, today said that its customers have had their information exposed. The company behind MacKeeper is Kromtech, who has admitted to the data leak and said they have fixed it (though how, once the data is in the open, this can really be fixed for users is hard to say).

mackeeper-380“We are grateful to the security researcher Chris Vickery who identified this issue without disclosing any technical details for public use,” the company said in a statement. “We fixed this error within hours of the discovery. Analysis of our data storage system shows only one individual gained access performed by the security researcher himself. We have been in communication with Chris and he has not shared or used the data inappropriately.”

No credit card information was exposed as the company uses a third party. But if someone who has MacKeeper on their Mac and they use the same password elsewhere, they will want to think about changing that password. Then, they should get rid of MacKeeper (here is how to do it).

MacKeeper is a particularly nasty piece of software that no Mac user needs. But the company advertises it online and their tactics have labeled it scareware – as in “you really need to download this useless software.” According to an earlier version of their statement, the company said they had 13 million users. If true, that is very sad.

I guess the lesson anyone online should learn is this: if your computer is telling you that something is wrong and that you need to download something, then there really will be a problem… after you have downloaded the supposed solution.

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