December 14, 2015 Last Updated 7:00 am

New owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal remains a mystery, at least for now

Morning Brief: Pandora awaits tomorrow’s important Copyright Royalty Board decision on music streaming royalty rates; magCulture opens London store for indy magazines

The lead story here at TNM was the sale, the second this year, of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The big question was then, and remains, who actually bought the paper for $140 million from New Media Investment Group, and why are they remaining anonymous?

Speculation immediately began that Sheldon Adelson, a local casino magnate, and someone very much involved in Republican politics, might be the buyer – but who knows? And that is what is so strange and begs another question: for how long can the owner of a newspaper remain unknown?

It is likely that we will find out before the Nevada caucuses take place, the third week of February. A big clue may be who the paper chooses to endorse.

Tomorrow the Copyright Royalty Board will decide what the royalty rate should be for music streaming companies. The decision by a three judge panel may well decide whether Pandora will ever turn a profit, or whether it will be forced to shutter.

Pandora uses the rates decided by the board, while other services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, negotiate royalty rates directly with the labels, and so are not at the mercy of the board’s decision.

Pandora on Friday became the first streaming service to launch an app for the new Apple TV app store (see TNM story here).

magCulture-store-660Congratulations to magCulture which opened up a shop for indy magazines in London this weekend. The store is located at 270 St John St, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4PE (near City University) and has fairly limited hours – Wednesday through Saturday.

Founded by Jeremy Leslie, magCulture has been a big supporter of indy magazines, and a proponent of great magazine design. Here is wishing the new venture the best of luck.

(The new store got a write up in The New York Times Style Magazine – see here.)

One for the three new digital magazines TNM looked at last week, Choices: And The Sun Went Out, received an update today. The update changes the way push notifications work, the reader won’t be prompted about them until the second issue – or installment, really – of the story comes out.

The new digital magazine is being produced by Tin Man Games which is using the digital magazine format for the first time. You can check out the app and the first part of the story for free, and read more about the app here.

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