December 11, 2015 Last Updated 4:32 pm

The Washington Post and Pandora launch Apple TV apps

Should we call them ‘apps’ or ‘channels’, those new offerings for the Apple TV? I prefer channels, as that works no matter the platform – Apple, Roku, etc. But I know Apple prefers ‘apps’ so that is what we will use here.

Late on Friday two new apps were announced:

The Washington Post announced today that it is making all of its original video available on Apple TV. The Post video app will feature original content ranging from in-depth explainers, analysis and commentary from The Post’s award-winning reporters, to the most-discussed news clips of the day.

WaPo-AppleTV-800“Developing for tvOS was an awesome opportunity to provide relevant and compelling video in the connected TV landscape,” said Micah Gelman, director of editorial video for The Washington Post. “This app is another way for us to best showcase daily news and make it easier for more users to access The Post’s high-quality video journalism.”

Apple TV users can download the app by visiting the Apple TV App Store and searching for The Washington Post.

The Post also has video available on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV platforms, as well.

The other update comes from Pandora. The one is interesting in that one had to wonder whether Apple would allow music streaming services to launch apps on the Apple TV, ones that would compete with Apple Music. This might mean we’ll see a Spotify app soon, too.

Of course, one can always stream via AirPlay to the Apple TV (or via Bluetooth or AirPlay to your receiver, assuming you have a newer unit).

Pandora-AppleTVHere is what Pandora has to say about their app:

Apps are not only the way we entertain ourselves but also how we make memories with our friends and families. Thanks to the beautiful design of Pandora for Apple TV, your next ultimate dance party just got a little bit swankier. All the features that you have come to love and expect from Pandora can be found on our intuitive and stylish app, including creating personalized stations, thumbing up and down tracks, and discovering new artists. We’ve also made it easier to get to your favorite stations by providing an on screen activation code for the first time you access Pandora on Apple TV.

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