December 11, 2015 Last Updated 11:18 am

Google updates Google News & Weather to add ‘Week in review’

The Google News app, recently renamed to Google News & Weather, has received an update to add in a Week in Review section.

GoogleNews-wirThe app is not similar to Apple News in that the app is limited to publishing partners, instead the app is more tied to one’s Google account, and if the reader has selected news categories inside Google then those categories will appear in the app.

The new Week in Review section looks like it was only designed for mobile devices, not tablets, as one can see in the screenshot here. This is an ongoing issue with Android: mobile optimized apps that are not tablet optimized.

But the Google News & Weather app is otherwise customized for tablets, employing a two column format though most of the app.

Because the app essentially is another way to access the web, it can sometimes act rather badly. For instance, stories inside the app don’t load very quickly, especially when the target site is loaded with ads. Apple News and Facebook’s Instant Articles tried to solve this issue by having the stories in their own system, but those platforms are limited to whatever publishing partners the gatekeepers want to let in.

Despite this, the app has received mostly positive reviews from users inside iTunes, likely due to the fact that Google is a conscientious developers, releasing updates on a regular basis, and rarely releasing apps with significant bugs. In fact, generally doing a better job at iOS app development than Apple.

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