December 10, 2015 Last Updated 12:01 pm

Time Inc. adds Hulu, Yahoo and Zealot Networks to publisher’s video distribution network

The magazine publisher Time Inc. today announced that it has added Hulu, Yahoo and Zealot Networks to its video distribution network. The addition networks will help the publisher build up its impressions for video advertising sold throughout the network.

Publishers have the dual issue of creating quality video content in large enough quantities to begin to attract video advertising – then need to be able to deliver the impressions necessary to fulfill the contracts. Some publishers are finding it difficult hit those required impressions, often buying impressions on partner sites.

If you read the release below you will see that one of Time Inc.’s original video network launch partners was CineSport. Long time TNM readers will recall that company being mentioned by then Sporting News publisher Jeff Price, who said they were looking for video content for the publication back in 2010 (here is the TNM story from our own payback machine). At the time the idea was that the magazine would need more video if it were to compete online and with its new digital editions. (Price, who left Sporting News in 2013, is now Chief Commercial Officer at PGA of America.)

Here is Time Inc.’s announcement for its new additions to the company’s video distribution network:

NEW YORK, NY – December 10, 2015 — Time Inc. announced today that Hulu, Yahoo and Zealot Networks will join the company’s video distribution network. As such, original video from the Time Inc. portfolio of brands will now be introduced across these blue-chips sites and platforms. These new partnerships are a testament to the premium quality of video content coming from Time Inc. brands and their continued growth in its popularity among consumers and advertisers.

The Time Inc. distribution network was created in 2013 to complement the company’s owned and operated sites and deepen the advertising inventory offered to the marketplace. Including Hulu, Yahoo and Zealot, there are 18 partners spanning more than 4,000 US sites and platforms. These partnerships include Amazon/Amazon Video Shorts, CBS Local Digital Media, Gannett/USA Today, Vessel’s Video Service and Nextstar Broadcasting, all of which were announced during Time Inc.’s 2015 NewFront presentation. Network launch partners included AOL/AOLon, Cinesport, Scripps/ULive and Tout. The company plans include expanding the network internationally.

“We believe powerful storytelling should be accessible to consumers everywhere. This has informed our approach to creating a digital video network built on the foundation of our owned and operated sites. Today’s announcement underscores our plan to expand that network through creative collaborations with partners that believe in premium content. We’re thrilled to be working with Hulu, Yahoo and Zealot,” said J.R. McCabe, SVP, Time Inc. Video.

“Zealot Networks is honored to be a part of Time Inc.’s video distribution network,” said Conn Fishburn, Chief Strategy Officer of Zealot Networks. “We share the belief that engaged audiences like to be met on their own terms, and by helping to bring Time Inc.’s award-winning, premium content to them across numerous platforms, it’s an exciting win for the audience, our publishing partners and Zealot.”

Time Inc. continues its aggressive video programming and distribution, where it is achieving across-the-board gains in viewership, reach and engagement. In 2015, the company has surpassed more than 1 billion video streams across the network. According to the October comScore report, Time Inc. Video has recorded year-over-year gains of 86% in UVVs (16.2MM), 388% in total views, total time spent was up 98%; and the number of videos per visitor increased 162%.

Recent premieres include “Building Hope,” a five-part series honoring military veterans from Southern Living; “A Year in Space,” a documentary series from Time’s Red Border Films, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the life of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, the first person to have spent a year in the International Space Station; “New Orleans Here & Now,” a six-part anthology on New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, which was executive produced by Academy Award-nominated actress Patricia Clarkson and Golden Globe winner Scott Bakula and was created in partnership with Rampante; and the soon-to-be-released Season IV of the Sports Emmy-nominated series Underdogs from Sports Illustrated. Later this year, the company will introduce a state-of-the-art production studio at its new headquarters at 225 Liberty Street in New York City.

“Yahoo is committed to providing the best digital content for our users and advertisers,” said Ian Weingarten, SVP of Corporate Development and Partnerships at Yahoo. “Time Inc.’s portfolio of brands adds to the robust partner content offered throughout the Yahoo network, which reaches more than one billion users globally.”

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