December 3, 2015 Last Updated 8:00 am

More large headlines, more big graphics, more of the same

Morning Brief: Newspapers react to mass shooting number 355 for the year with more specially designed front pages and live blogs on their websites, while politicians again offer their prayers to the victims

The Daily News responded to the inevitable responses from pro-NRA politicians who, after each mass shooting, “offer prayers” to the victims. The Daily News said simply “Prayers aren’t working.”

The mass shooting in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead and 17 wounded, wasn’t even the only mass shooting yesterday as a woman was killed and three injured in a shooting in Savannah, Georgia.

Newspaper front pages react to San Bernardino shooting:

Sun-CA-180 SFC-CA-180 DMN-CA-300
DN-CA-180 ND-CA-180 NYP-CA-2-180

Note: The NY Post changed its headline from Murder Mission to Muslim Killers because, well, it’s the Post – the most disgusting newspaper in America.

The Washington Post, which has been tracking mass shootings this year, listed yesterday’s rampages as reaching 355 mass shootings in 336 days. But no one seriously expects anything to change concerning the easy access to guns in the US, even after this shooting. If the killing of large number of children at Sandy Hook only led to further loosening of gun laws, the same can be expected after San Bernardino.

Above: Google search results this morning for “NRA News”

There were only a couple media app updates released late yesterday.

NPR updated its NPR News app for “iOS 9 compatibility improvements” and other bug fixes.

The update for ESPN, the network’s main iOS app, seems like a major one, though it really isn’t. The app description mentions that you can watch every game the sports network is broadcasting live, but it really will just link you over to the WatchESPN app. Here is the app description for the update:

What’s New in Version 4.7.0
[+] Watch every game live. If it’s on ESPN, it’s in the ESPN App. Just sign in with your cable provider and start streaming. Tap the WatchESPN icon in the tab bar to browse every live stream available — from the NBA on ESPN to Midnight Sportscenter, we’ve got you covered.

[+] Improved logic to sort top events on your home screen.

[+] Built for iOS 9.
— Use spotlight search to find the scores, schedules, and news about your favorite leagues and teams.
— Universal links open directly in the ESPN App, instead of taking you to Safari.
— For the iPhone 6S owners out there, use 3D touch to launch directly into Favorites, Listen, and WatchESPN.

[+] Bug fixes and performance improvements.

To watch those games live the viewer will still have to sign into a cable TV account as the network is not yet ready to help cord cutters get access to the program – at least not yet.

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