December 2, 2015 Last Updated 3:31 pm

Report: US and Canadian print magazines see their newsstand sales fall over 10% in Q3

The third quarter saw newsstand sales of print magazines tumble in the US and Canada, according to the Q3 report from MagNet. Sales in the US fell just over 10 percent, while Canadian sales were down over 12 percent:

The newsstand remains a challenging environment, as demonstrated in the detailed insights contained in this newsletter. While the sell through efficiency improved in the 3rd quarter to 27.4%, up from 26.5% in the first half, overall draw was nearly equal (-1.8%) versus last year. However, sell through is down more than 3 points from the 31.0% sell through we experienced in the same quarter 2014, indicating that the channel continues to seek all opportunities in the market place. With that said, the Canadian sell through improved by 2 points on a draw reduction of 16.0%.

Hearst saw its sales decline 21.9 percent, while Meredith sales were down 16.1 percent, according to the report. Both publishers have strong titles targeted at the women’s category, with bigger percentages of newsstand sales.

Of course, declining newsstand sales have been a feature of the industry for a while, with the loss of the distributor Source Interlink, combined with the loss of newsstand retailers such as Borders, severely impacting the industry.

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