December 2, 2015 Last Updated 8:24 am

Boing Boing asks ‘what’s wrong with the people who read celebrity magazines?’

Morning Brief: Website discovers that many magazine titles are dependent on pharmaceutical ads, a category that may be at risk in the future as the AMA has called for a ban on direct-to-consumer drug advertising

There is a major Internet outage in my area this morning, thanks Comcast, so I’ll limit today’s Morning Brief to links. But as a side note, my personal hotspot is only slightly less speedy than Comcast’s new, supposedly faster Internet.


WSJ: Yahoo Board to Weigh Sale of Internet Business

  • Growing concerns around Chief Executive Marissa Mayer’s lack of progress turning around Yahoo and an exodus of top executives have increased pressure on the company’s board to consider her future and alternatives to her turnaround attempt, now in its fourth year.

The Park Record: Nevada media company acquires The Park Record

  • Park City’s 135-year-old newspaper has a new owner.Swift Communications of Carson City, Nev., has purchased The Park Record from Digital First Media of Denver. The sale closed Tuesday. The price was not disclosed.

Variety: Newspaper Woes Put New Pressure on FCC Media Ownership Rules

  • With newspapers struggling in their markets, Variety asked, does it continue to make sense to enforce rules that prevent them from buying broadcast outlets in the same market?


Boing Boing: What’s wrong with the people who read celebrity magazines?

  • An awful lot, judging by the plethora of adverts for illnesses and ailments littering this week’s People magazine.There are 23 pages of ads for celebrity-lovers dealing with asthma, migraines, flu, osteoporosis, hepatitis C, meningitis, sore throats, headaches, stroke and lung cancer.No wonder they need cheering up with reports of Lamar Odom’s “health setbacks,” Kennedy family “affairs and betrayal,” and tales of “predator priests.”

La Crosse Tribune: LIBRARY NOTES: Magazines are worth checking out, too

  • While digital magazine growth appears to have stalled inside the major digital newsstands such as Apple, US libraries continue to add digital magazine services for their patrons. This is not a new trend but one that has been apparent for at least three years. One can guess that this is only good news for digital magazine publishers who want readers to be used to reading their magazines on devices. The bad news is that most of these services only offer PDF replicas.

App updates:

  • Zinio: The digital newsstand has issued an update that brings its app up to version 3.4.3. The update optimizes the interface for the iPad Pro, and fixes a bug that made the app crash at open for some users. This company has been around a long time, at least a long time in terms of the digital publishing era. So, it was sad to read one iTunes reviewer point out that the company has an “F” rating with the BBB. It turns out to be true, unfortunately.
  • Google Chrome: A nice update for the mobile browser, adding support for more keyboard shortcuts and support for 3D touch on iPhone 6s/+. But what is up with these version numbers? The latest update is version 47.0.2526.70!

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