December 1, 2015 Last Updated 11:56 am

Swedish Content Agencies releases Content Day 2015 mobile app in time for today’s event

The app, launched into the App Store yesterday, is the first to be released built using the new mobile app development solution from Mag+ called Semble

The digital publishing platform Mag+ yesterday unveiled its first app built and released using its new mobile app solution, Semble. The newly launched app, Content Day 2015, is from Swedish Content Agencies, which represents the customer publishing industry in Sweden.

CD-iPhone-menu“We’ve been working hard the past year and a half to create this new tool,” Mag+ CEO Staffan Ekholm told TNM last month.

The new mobile app solution is targeted at brands and other entities that are looking for an easier way to create an app, one where InDesign is not needed. Mag+’s original digital publishing solution, launched in 2010, is an InDesign plug-in solution, while the new Mag+ Semble is cloud based. To differentiate between the two products, Mag+ has renamed its digital editions solution as Designd.

Semble is currently in pre-launch, with access to the solution free of charge after one has registered with Mag+.

There is a previewer app available inside the App Store, also called Semble, which one uses to test their new app on their mobile device.

When the developer is ready to launch the app they then would pay for the license, which Mag+ is currently pricing at $39.99 per month.

The first app released using Semble was launched into the Apple App Store under Mag+’s developer account in order to get it released in time for the start of Content Day, being held today in Stockholm. This was done for convenience and is not a requirement of the platform.

CD-programHere is the app description, along with the usual rough Google translation:

Den 1 december 2015 arrangeras Content Day för tredje gången av branschorganisationen Swedish Content Agencies. Årets tema är engagemang. Ett engagerat innehåll skapar starka relationer och interaktion med målgruppen. Ladda hem denna app för att ta del av mer information runt Content Day, programmet, talarna och för att köpa biljetter.

December 1, 2015 is Content Day for the third time, presented by the industry organization Swedish Content Agencies. This year’s theme is commitment. A dedicated content creating strong relationships and interaction with audiences. Download this app to take part in more information about Content Day, program, speakers, and to buy tickets.

The small conference, about 250 seats, features participants such as Peter Nordlöv, YouTube/Google, Creative Agency Head, and Frederik Andersen, CEO of VICE Scandinavia.

The app features three sections: an explanation of the event, the program, and a list of speakers with biographies.

Mag+ has posted a video tutorial to YouTube on how to create an app with Semble, which I have embedded below:

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    I really like the things about his app “Content Day, program, speakers, and to buy tickets.”.