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Will Amazon Instant Video come to the new Apple TV? USA Today, Toronto Star iPad app updates

Here are a few odds and ends from the long weekend: Evidence that Amazon will bring Amazon Instant Video to the new Apple TV; media app updates including Scribd and Yuzu (Barnes & Noble College)

Rremember a couple months back when Amazon suddenly announced that they weren’t going to carry Apple TVs or Chromecasts (nor allow marketplace sellers to do so)?

Some reports blamed Amazon and assumed it was deleting competing hardware (unlikely given that Amazon continued to sell Roku) while others blamed Apple/Google, but many of us were scratching our heads because the story just didn’t add up.

And now we may have learned why. According to a new and as yet unconfirmed report, Amazon is developing an Amazon Instant Video app for Apple’s Apple TV.

MacRumors reports that “Amazon appears to have confirmed to engineer Dan Bostonweeks that it is developing a tvOS app for Prime Video that could launch before the end of 2015”. Bostonweeks tweeted this image on Friday:

That is a very curious statement from Amazon (assuming this report is true) because as you recall  Amazon had said that they wouldn’t sell Apple TV or Chromecast hardware because those devices don’t work with Amazon’s video service.

If that is actually the real reason Amazon stopped carrying the Apple TV, then today’s news means that Amazon soon will be carrying the set top box again. On the other hand, if Amazon doesn’t start selling the Apple TV after the app is released then we’ll know that they weren’t completely honest, but were instead really trying to shut out the competition.

Which possibility is more likely, do you think?

Nate Hoffelder

Note on the story above:

I think that bringing Amazon Instant Video to the new Apple TV has always been in the works as Amazon already has an app of iOS devices. The hold up was probably developing a good app using tvOS. To do this Amazon must incorporate Siri and the new navigation protocols.

I also think the new app is a separate issue from whether Amazon will sell Chromecast and Apple TV products.

D.B. Hebbard

The holiday slowed down the number of app updates released, but only somewhat.

Yuzu from Barnes & Noble College was updated last week to fix a compatibility issue between iPad Pro and the app.

Another eBook app updated last week was for Scribd. Their update was a major one which added sheet music to their platform.

What’s New in Version 4.0

  • Sheet music! It’s true: Scribd rocks. Access thousands of sheet music selections, to learn just about any song you like!
  • We boosted our Search feature. Find your favorite titles faster and more easily.
  • Browse is better. We gave it a refresh so it’s simpler, cleaner, and you can more easily discover new titles to love.
  • We remade Ratings and Reviews. It’s easier than ever to let the world know what you think.

Two newspapers issued minor bug fix updates today.

USAT-update-11-30-15Gannett has updated USA TODAY for iPad to address some iOS 9 optimization issues and bugs. The development team has also added a note that says that the app supports iOS 8 and iOS 9 and that while the app will run under iOS 7 there will be no more updates for iOS 7 users.

I think this is an example of why auto app updating is kind of a bad idea. I know there are many device owners who do not regularly back up their device and manually update their apps – but they should learn to do so.

Many years ago I remember discussing the issue of bringing your own computer to work and why this was a good thing. My argument was that good mechanics have their own tools, understand them, and can maintain them themselves. My point was (and is) that a computer (and now mobile devices) are so important to our lives and our work that understanding them, maintaining and repairing them is something we need to learn to do because they are our tools.

The Toronto Star issued a minor update for Star Touch by Toronto Star which fixes some bugs. This is the iPad-only app that uses the La Presse+ digital publishing platform.

Another app update that might be of interest to the digital publishing community is from Adobe. The company has updated Adobe Capture CC, its design asset app that combines Brush CC, Color CC, Hue CC and Shape CC, all into one new iOS app.

This isn’t the first update for the app, but it is the first major update – the others were bug fix updates. Here is the app description:

What’s New in Version 1.1

Capture inspiration with iPad Pro’s large, beautiful screen. The high-quality, detailed images create even better brushes, colors, filters and shapes.

The new Apple Pencil has built-in pressure settings that add even greater nuance to your brushes.

Adobe Stock subscribers can search for and license high-res, royalty-free images from inside the app. Use your favorite photos to craft your assets.

Capture CC assets are now compatible with Dreamweaver, Flash Professional CC and Muse.

*iPad Pro

D.B. Hebbard

Finally, it may take a while to get to Paris, travel being what it is today. But I think it takes even longer to leave Paris in your mind. So, today, when word came of #TheStandingMarch at the Place de la République I was immediately transported back.

Unable to have a march in support of action on climate change because of secure concerns by the government, activists immediately reacting in various ways. One was a demonstration at the Place de la République that turned violent enough that 100 were arrested.

But on Sunday the reaction was typically French: thousands of resident placed empty shoes at the Place de la République. The empty shoes, of course, represents the thousands of people denied the opportunity to march in support of action on climate change. It also represents, I believe, the lack of fear residents have concerning terrorism – they would rather march and express their views than be denied that right because of security concerns.

Yes, it’s about climate change and a message to those government officials attending the COP21 conference this week, but I think it is more than that, it is another sign that Parisians will not be silenced by either their terrorists or their government.

D.B. Hebbard

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