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Media move from Place de la République to Le Bourget as climate change conference opens

Morning Brief: TNM reopens following the Thanksgiving holiday, in time for the madness of Cyber Monday to begin

The Thanksgiving holiday has passed, and with it Black Friday. Now TNM returns to life on Cyber Monday, which is likely an even bigger day for holiday shopping than Black Friday now.

Before talking about Cyber Monday, a quick word on my trip to Paris over the weekend:


Photo: D.B. Hebbard / TNM

Although much of the media has tried to give the impression that the streets of Paris are less crowded than usual following the attacks of November 13, that is not what I observed.

On Saturday night getting a taxi remained an adventure (and a good reason there are battles between the drivers and Uber users), and the cafés along Saint-Germain-des-Prés such as Les Deux Magots were packed as Parisians took the slogan “je suis en terrasse” to heart and returned to the cafés.

The Place de la République was quieter, as the crowds that paid their respects to the victims were fewer in number. The square is where the media congregated the weeks following the attacks, but this weekend only NBC maintained a camp in order to broadcast live as you can see above. Most were likely moving their gear from the center of Paris to Le Bourget where COP21 was to open on Monday (as you will read below, if they did this they likely missed a story on Saturday).

Nonetheless, the emotion remained as Parisians, and especially travelers to the capitol visited the square to leave tea lights, notes and to remember to victims.

If anyone from the US canceled their trip to Paris in fear of violence, they were quickly reminded by the shooting in Colorado Springs that Americans have far more to fear from domestic terrorism than they do attacks resulting from the arrival of immigrants seeking to escape the madness in Syria.


Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters

The Place de la République was less quiet, and returned as a site of protests, on Saturday. A planned march tied to Cop21, the United Nations conference on climate change, was cancelled because of security concerns. That did not sit well with protestors, and police say there were around 100 arrests.

“France is receiving 150 heads of state,” French President Francois Hollande said today as the conference opened. “Never have the stakes been so high because this is about the future of the planet, the future of life. And yet two weeks ago, here in Paris itself, a group of fanatics was sowing the seeds of death in the streets.”

The conference continues through December 11.

Terrorism, climate change, Presidential elections… Cyber Monday. One assumes the latter will lead the cable news channels today.

Your inbox will be filled with offers from just about every retailer that has an email list.

Media companies will not miss out, either. I have already received a discount offer from Digiday who, like other media B2B, makes its money more from events than its media output.

KU-retail-660Other media outlets jumping on the Cyber Monday bandwagon including National Geographic who are selling sweaters and Tablo who are discounting book editing services.

Texture (Next Issue Media) ends their 50 percent discount offer today – you get 50 percent off the price of four months of their all-you-can-read digital magazine service.

The Boston Globe is offering 75 percent off for 8 weeks on a digital subscription. It is an extension of their Black Friday sale, and ends today. If you think about it, it’s not much of a deal for a daily newspaper since the reader will then pay $3.99 per week after that – but maybe it will lure in those folks who just can’t say no to a discount.

Of course, much of the action today will be at

One of the retailer’s offers is 40 percent off of Kindle Unlimited. There are, needless to say, better deals to be had.

If you are a publishing pro – and of course you are – maybe Photojojo is a better place to do your Cyber Monday shopping for yourself. Use the PJLUV promo code to save on photo accessories (I’ve bought iPhone add-ons in the past that have proved very useful when conducting interviews).

Apple has sent out Cyber Monday emails, as well. But don’t expect any discounts.

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