November 24, 2015 Last Updated 8:03 am

Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet; Black Lives Matters protestors shot by masked men

Morning Brief: Racial tensions stoked by fatal police shootings in Chicago and Minneapolis, accusations that American Muslims celebrated 9/11 attacks by leading GOP contender

Two stories will dominate the news today – at least one hopes so as any other story that supplants them would only be bad news. For three days the media have led with the lockdown in Brussels, playing up the story without actually having anything of substance to report. Today they have something else to dwell on.

Turkey-jet-373Turkey: A Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish military aircraft after it strayed into Turkish airspace. The Russians deny that their aircraft entered Turkish airspace.

Turkey accuses Russia of attacking Syrian rebels in support of the Assad regime, rebels that the Turkish government support and that are not affiliated with Isis. Russia had previously issued a formal apology to Turkey when a jet violated Turkish airspace in early October.

“The aircraft didn’t heed the warnings and proceeded to fly over Turkey,” a Turkish government official said. “The Turkish Air Forces responded by downing the aircraft.”

Russian responded by inferring that Turkey was protecting terrorists.

“Since Isis has such huge resources of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars coming from illicit oil sales, and they are protected by the armed forces of other states, then it’s clear why they are so brazen, why they are killing people, why they are carrying out terrorist attacks throughout the world including in the heart of Europe,” Russian president Vladimir Putin said after the downing of the aircraft.

“Do they want to make Nato serve ISIS? I understand that every state has its own regional interests and we’ve always respected that, but we will never allow the kind of crime that happened to today to take place,” Putin said.

Minneapolis: Three white men are on the run after they shot five protestors at a Black Lives Matter gathering outside a police station in north Minneapolis. The three men wore masks and were in the process of being removed from the area when they reportedly turned around and fired shots into the crowd, then fled.

None of those shot were hit with life threatening injuries, though one protestor was shot in the stomach and was recovering following surgery. The protestors had gathered outside the police station following the shooting death of 24-year-old Jamar Clerkly a police officer on November 15.

DailyStormer-596A report in the Star Tribune said that at least two of the men were taunting the protestors before the shooting.

“I am obviously appalled that white supremacists would open fire on nonviolent, peaceful protesters,” Nekima Levy-Pounds, president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, told the Star Tribune.

At least one white supremacist website played blamed the protestors for, I suppose, being in the way of the bullets when they were shot. This website was featured in an LA Times feature following the church shooting in South Carolina.

Racial tensions are undeniably rising in America as GOP frontrunner Donald Trump continues to stand by his assertion that American Muslims supported the 9/11 attacks. “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down, and I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down,” Trump said at a recent campaign event.

By tomorrow, Chicago officials will be forced by a judge’s ruling to release a video showing the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. McDonald was shot 16 times by Chicago police officer. At first police said McDonald lunged at the officer and that the officer was justified in shooting McDonald.

But after the Cook County Medical Examiner ruled McDonald’s death a homicide, the city agreed to pay the family of McDonald $5 million to settle the case. Jamie Kalven, a freelance journalist, followed up and obtained the autopsy through a Freedom of Information Act request, and further investigations continued to keep the story in the news – despite the fact that the shooting took place in October of last year.

Yesterday, reports said that the officer in question will now be formally charged with the murder of McDonald.

With the Thanksgiving holiday later this week there will likely only be a few media app updates released this week – at least, that is what I am assuming.

Amazon has issued an update for Amazon Video. The update adds why Amazon is calling X-Ray, a feature that allows the watcher to access information on the movie or TV show from IMDB. This app, it should be noted, is only for mobile devices – at least at this point Amazon remains absent from the Apple TV, though a version of the app can be found on Roku and other platforms.

Al Jazeera updated its Al Jazeera America News mobile app today, in a major revision for the app.

What’s New in Version 1.5
Introducing an all-new news feed, enabling easy scrolling and story previews. The app is also available on Apple Watch! Also includes:

  • Enhanced support for standalone videos and photo galleries
  • Compressed view option to see more stories at a time
  • Read-unread icons introduced to help keep track of your reading
  • Added new Editor’s Picks label to highlight feature stories
  • 3rd party library updates
  • Fixed bugs in UI and engine

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