November 10, 2015 Last Updated 12:43 pm

Major US book publishers still reporting falling eBook sales; Lagardère reports higher revenue

The major book publishing companies continue to report mixed results, especially in the area of eBooks. The Association of American Publishers, who represent the major publishers, reported that publishers increased 10.9 percent in July, but eBooks sales fell in every category.

This effecting margins at many publishing houses, though the fact that many publishers have raised the price on eBooks is at least partially to blame for the trend.

It is important to note, as far too many media reporter forget this, the AAP represents a significant portion of the market, but not the whole market. So, there are plenty of observers who do not believe that eBook sales are suffering as much as some organizations are reporting. But piecing together data from the AAP, Amazon and elsewhere is difficult.

The French publishing giant Lagardère reported higher revenue in its Q3 earnings report, up 2.6 percent on a like-for-like basis (down 2.2 percent on a reported basis, so take your pick).

Lagardère’s magazine publishing performance was down 4.9 percent due to a decrease in advertising revenues, which fell 6.8 percent.

Sales in the US were soft as Hachette revenues were also down 4.2 percent for the quarter. Lagardère more than made up for this with stronger sales in France and Spain.


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