November 9, 2015 Last Updated 2:28 pm

Agri Publishing Inter’l releases attractive native tablet edition for its farm machinery magazine

‘profi’ was built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, and is redesigned into the landscape orientation, with a select number of full page ads also redesigned

It has been so long since I’ve downloaded and installed a really good digital edition from a trade magazine that I was completely caught by surprise by the release of profi – The Professional Farm Machinery Magazine from Agri Publishing International Ltd.

profi-nov15-iPadThe new app is the English edition of this magazine, profi – Magazin für professionelle Agrartechnik, and its Newsstand app released in late 2013.

The new app uses the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create a simple, attractive, and readable digital magazine.

The app takes the magazine’s print pages and redesigns them for reading in landscape. But the digital edition pages are not a radical departure from print. Instead, many of the pages look as if they could be the unaltered print pages – but rather than shrink them down as in a replica edition, they are reproduced for the iPad using iPad specs.

As a tablet magazine this works to perfection. Finally, a B2B magazine that I can actually read without having to resort to pinch to zoom!

profs-articleThe downside of the approach, however, is that this digital edition magazine is for the iPad only, there currently is no iPhone version. Maybe this is good, though, as an iPhone version might benefit from the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution which is producing digital magazine apps that work better on smartphones.

Another downside to this approach, of course, involves the ads that are designed for the print magazine, and which would not automatically work in landscape. So, what we see here are a limited number of ads, each redesigned into the landscape orientation.

(I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the publishing team is doing the redesign work themselves for their clients.)

profi-ad-nov15The back of the November issue – which is available to download for free, by the way – also contains the supplement for the AgriTechnica trade show taking place right about now in Hanover, Germany. This special section was not redesigned for the issue but was reproduced as a replica of the print edition.

The print edition of profi costs £59.75, €75.00 in the rest of Europe. The app edition is €74.99, or priced at the European rate. The three month subscription rate is €19.99. (The prices are identical for US dollars). There is no single issue rate.

But, as I said, the November issue is free of charge to download, at least for now. So, if you are a B2B publisher, editor or art director interested in seeing a native digital edition for a B2B magazine you should check this one out immediately.

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