November 9, 2015 Last Updated 3:31 pm

AccuWeather launches redesigned iOS app

The weather is one of those standard smartphone apps that just about everyone uses. Apple includes a weather app with its operating system but like many of Apple’s pre-installed apps it is not very good, and usually gets moved into the Apple ‘dead app folder’ many devices users like to create (including myself).

AccuWeather-iPhone-SCThere are lots of choices for weather apps but the two most popular year-in and year-out are The Weather Channel and AccuWeather.

The problem with The Weather Channel app is that the developers redesign the app so often that one really doesn’t know what to expect to see when it is opened. I’ve always found it attractive, especially when they did eliminate the backgrounds, but they are constantly changing the fonts used. The most recent version of the app is getting hammered by users inside the App Store who apparently don’t like the new look. Don’t worry folks, if you don’t like the look, like the weather, it will change come tomorrow.

The other problem with the app is that its forecasts can be pretty funny. In summer, especially, the app can be opened and the user will see that the temperature outside is 84 , while the high that day is forecast to be 82. One wonders why the programming wouldn’t prevent this from happening.

The other app, from AccuWeather, just got a major update to version 9.0. The app is formally called AccuWeather – Weather for Life and I honestly have no idea what is meant by that. Maybe there is another app called Weather for Death, who know?

The big difference between the two apps is that The Weather Channel sees their app as a vehicle for delivering in-app advertising, while AccuWeather, taking after the Amazon approach, let’s you get rid of the apps if you pony up $3.99.

It may be worth the $4 to get rid of the ads because they are not well integrated into the app, just an ugly banner ad along the bottom of the home screen.

The update is too new to have received any new user reviews, so it will be interesting to see what they think, but users seem to have a little more confidence in the forecasts – I suppose that all is a matter of opinion, and likely where you live.

Here is the app description for the update:

What’s New in Version 9.0
New in Version 9:

  • We have completely overhauled our interface based on the feedback we have received from our users. Our fresh new design has clean lines, colors, and modern icons, making the digital experience more appealing, intuitive, and easier to read than ever before
  • Instant access to AccuWeather’s top-trending weather video content.
  • Persistent navigation that provides easy access to features such as:
    • Share
    • AccUcast®
    • Maps
  • Redesigned Location Management where you can add, remove, and organize your favorite locations.
  • Swipe left to quickly access forecasts from your saved locations.
  • Option to allow for always on GPS tracking for faster loading and immediate access to your current locations weather conditions.
  • Day and Night weather details are now available within the “Daily Forecast” and “Looking Ahead” sections.

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