October 30, 2015 Last Updated 12:44 pm

IBT Media UK touts programmatic sales growth

The press release below reminds me of those Amazon earnings reports that contain a long, long list of claims, but without any hard numbers. Here IBT Media says it has grown its programmatic sales 85 percent in the last quarter, and I have no reason to doubt the claim, though it should be remembered that if you sell one dollar of programmatic one month, and two dollars the next that is 100 percent growth. So some hard numbers would be interesting to see.

In fact, that is what motivated posted the press release below. Everyone is integrating programmatic ad buying into their businesses these days, but we rarely see much mention of programmatic in earnings reports.

Meredith did mention programmatic this week, and what they are doing is certainly caught my attention:

Meredith furthered its digital advertising initiatives by bringing programmatic sales efforts in-house. Controlling the programmatic sales operations allows further customization and 100 percent of the revenue is retained by Meredith.

Many publishers wanting to get into programmatic generally do so through third party partners. Programmatic usually means selling space at a big discount, so using a third party means netting even less per ad. (Programmatic does not always mean remnant inventory, but it often does.)

Time Inc., for instance, is partnering with MediaMath on its Programmatic Print, and below you’ll see that IBT is working with Oracle’s BlueKai Data Management Platform.

As we move forward it will be interesting to see if public companies begin sharing more information, beyond percentages, of what programmatic is contributing to the bottom line. As a publisher, I like to see hard numbers.

LONDON, England – October 30, 2015 — IBT Media UK and EMEA, part of the global news organisation that owns Newsweek and the International Business Times, delivers continued growth in programmatic sales – up 85% in year-on-year revenues in the last quarter.

IBT Media UK, a digital news publisher, continues to invest in news production and has bolstered both its programmatic and direct sales offerings to advertisers through Oracle’s renowned BlueKai Data Management Platform.

bluekai-flagThe substantial year-on-year growth in programmatic revenue has been fuelled in 2015 by an impressive growth in its traffic across its digital platforms, which are perfectly placed to further engage in direct and programmatic opportunities across its portfolio of eight owned and operated websites to an audience of 90 million globally.

Dev Pragad, Managing Director, IBT Media UK and EMEA, said: “It’s been a year of exceptional growth for our digital news business in traffic and revenue terms, growth that we will sustain during 2016 through an even more effective and sophisticated programmatic experience. Our partners can now benefit not only from our huge scale and our exceptional editorial coverage but also from precision targeting of their advertisements to their chosen customers.”

IBT Media UK has doubled its newsroom capacity in the past year, with traffic for IBTimes UK ibt.co.uk its flagship site up an impressive 70% year-on-year, making programmatic even more attractive to advertisers.

Dev Pragad continued: “This is an exciting time for IBT Media UK and our extensive footprint across EMEA is set up to help drive a faster, leaner and more agile business for programmatic across our markets. The momentum we’ve achieved in the past year and the investment we’ve made in our programmatic data management is key to our growth and a profitable result for advertisers.”

With responsibility for Europe, Middle East and Africa, IBT Media UK offers programmatic sales inventory through an EMEA regional sales team, headed by Jeremy Makin, a senior global advertising, monetisation and strategy executive.

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